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3 mai 2017
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Sabres de Buffalo
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Sujet: All set
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tkachuckyyy</b></div><div>and neither one of those players are proven all stars... like JG currently IS... in his prime</div></div>
So here’s my thing I’m constantly thinking of players who the Sabres can realistically get and afford to keep in the future. Sure Gaudreau is good and I’d love him here but he’s also going to be what 28 next year whenever the season starts? And we’ll have to sign him to extension at some point or else he’s literally just a rental bc he’ll be traded again if we can’t. So why exactly would we trade a good young defenseman and our best forward prospect (where we are not very strong in terms of prospects) plus another 1st for potentially ONE season of JG? I just don’t think the Sabres do it. That’s just my opinion. Another thing is there’s a reason Calgary would even be interested in trading him and that’s because they either 1.) don’t believe he’s a 100 point player anymore and 2.) think he’s on the down turn of his career so I really question why the Sabres would be interested in that to win for 1 season maybe two? Plus do you honestly think JG would re-sign for less money than he’s making now? No, and we have Dahlin to pay next year. Plus I don’t see you guys trading Gaudreau anyways. I don’t even get why you’d do that if he’s that good why not keep him and trade someone else to help him, Monahan, and Tkachuk. Instead of signing Hall I’d just keep Gaudreau and do all those other moves you did
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