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29 sep 2018
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>The Bruins (68.696M to 19 players with only the RFA d-men to really worry about) aren't in cap hell like Tampa.

Tampa is in so much salary cap trouble (71.123M committed to 16 players. With a significant raise due to 40 goal scorer RFA Brayden Point. Plus 3 d-men slots to fill. Oh and they have to leave room to re-sign Vasilevskiy, Sergachev, and Cernak the following year so taking on multi-year contracts becomes an issue. ).

And the way the Wings get a first is to include Trevor Daley and retain 50% of his salary. 1.583M cap hit for a 3rd pair d-man and taking Callahan's contract. Assuming Callahan didn't block a trade to Detroit this year on his MNTC list (and Yzerman would know that already). This solves Detroit's need to let its 2 defensive prospects play minutes in the NHL (Cholowski and Hronek).</div></div>

Tampa Bay can go ahead and trade Yanni Gourde or JT Miller for some high end assets like players on ELC's. They can also resign their older defensemen for less then they paid them this past season. Everyone acts like Tampa needs to keep all their assets and win now, but if they're smart they'll keep their picks and trade some prime age talent for ELC's or 1st round picks. They could probably get a 1st for either Gourde or Miller and thats the way to extend your window. Nobody good on the Lightning is even 30 yet lol. Stamkos 29, McDonagh 29, Johnson 28, Hedman 28, Palat 28, everyone else is younger except the old UFA Dmen that'll be affordable if they want to win.
Forum: Armchair-GM 2 mai 2019 à 20 h 32