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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Please forgive me as I copy my most recent Olofsson comparison:

"Olofsson is bashed by nearly everyone on this site, including Sabre fans.
He is included in trades not because he is a dump or bad but because Buffalo has Kulich, Savoie, Benson, Ostlund etc who will earn 1/5 of his currently salary next year.

I have absolutely no idea what Olofsson will bring if the Sabres decide to trade him.
Some team looking for goals at the TDL will give the Sabres at least a second if not more, providing he is producing as well as he did last year.

You do know over the last four seasons Boeser has played 583:45 more minutes than Olofsson but has one less goal (80 v Olofsson's 81).
Two seasons since they both signed new contracts each Boeser goal cost $309,302 while each Olofsson goal cost $197,917.
Last season Brock played over 60% of the time with one of Miller, Horvat or Petterson as his line mate.
Conversly, last season Victor played only 10% of the time with our top two centers Cozens or Thompson.
Most NHL fans would think Brock is worth a first or more.

Last season Olofsson had more goals than DeBrincat yet Victor played 483 fewer minutes.
Neither of Victor nor Alex are noted for their defense, but Alex certainly returned a bundle.

Finally, only 22 NHL forwards scored at a faster rate than victor's 1.6 goals/60 last year.
This is not to say Victor is better or even as good as Alex, just making the point that he is a very good sniper, and it is unlikely Buffalo would just give him away.

There, I got that out of system. laugh laugh laugh laugh"
<strong> EDIT </strong>
That is a very realistic return.
Good post, thank you for actually presenting a reasonable trade.
As you can infer from my comment above, the Ducks should accept this deal.
Olofsson would be the Ducks top goal producer, Savoie one of their top 3 forward prospects and first an excellent return.
As a Sabre fan, I would stay away from Zegras if he is trying to hold out.
If he is given the contract you suggest, what will Dylan and Tage think when he is not as good as either of them?
Casey produced nearly as well as he did last year at a third of that contract, he could also be affected if he was pushed down the line up.
When making a trade one must always consider the locker room.</div></div>

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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Zegras is not going to take Tage's or Dylan's spot in the line up.
Giving up a young NHL forward, a good prospect and a first for a third line center is not very good asset management.
Keep in mind, Trevor does not appear to add significant production over Casey:
2022-'23- gm--go--ast--pts---pim--+/-
and Casey filled in for Thompson very well at the end of the season, negating the need for an insurance policy if either Tage or Dylan are injured.
If one removes the PP points Casey outscored Trevor 52 to 48.
Finally, if one could erase three March games (Boston and Dallas (24-5 cumulative), Casey had a respectable +2 rating, significantly better than Trevor's -28.

Additionally, Trevor's primary line mates were Henrique, Terry, Vatrano and Strome; 22, 24, 22 and 15 goals respectively with 17:54 min/gm and 0:01 SH TOI.
Casey's primary line mates were Jost, Asplund, Hinnostroza, Krebs (this quartet accounted for a total of 20 goals) and Olofsson. The final 18 games of the season he was paired with Skinner and Tuch with 16:07 min/gm and 0:32 SH TOI.

I cannot see any reason to make this trade after watching Rosen, Kulich, Benson and Savoie perform during the prospect challenge.
Buffalo should keep their assets and promote Casey to the top six if either of Tage or Dylan are injured.
BTW, I will suspect Casey will sign for significantly less than Trevor.

Well that is my penny and half tome of the week.</div></div>


That's a helluva top-3 down the middle. They're all young and would cost under $22M.

Casey can play wing or center and can play up and down the lineup, but he isn't as dynamic as Zegras.

That said, point taken. And I'm not really married to that package as it is on the high side.

Just throwing it out there to see what comes back.
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