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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>Tampa--Gourde (2nd line dollars playing bottom 6 with a NTC)
Zona--Phil Kessel (enough said)
Chicago--Seabrook (just ugly dollars left)
Toronto--Marner (almost a million per goal. numerous articles about how disastrous that contract was)
St. Louis is the outlier with a top UFA to sign but it's easy to see that Allen is the contract the Blues must move to make cap room

So there are 4 of 5 with "bad" contracts. Bad being contracts that hinder the team from signing RFA they need to or keeping their own UFA's.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quote:</div>Chicago would like to move on from Seabrook but have no pressing need to do so this season</div> rookie 30 goal scorer Dominik Kubalik and Dylan Strome, plus the Blackhawks don’t have a goalie signed says otherwise. Or would another team throwing a mid level offer sheet of 4.226M for only a 2nd rounder do the trick when the Hawks have 7.35M left in cap space and 5 players to sign including a starting goalie.

Playoff teams are not able to take on any salaries (minus Colorado) and re-sign their own players. Don't just look at dollars below the cap next year. Look at what they need (like starting goalies) , how many more contract they will need (good luck trying to play a squeezed schedule with 21 bodies), and when their RFA become due for significant raises.

Very useful players being moved for nothing will become the norm...started last year with PK Subban to NJD for 2x 2nd rounders and that was during a $2M rising not the same. Many GM's signed long term deals with players expecting a rising cap every year where those contracts would eventually look good.

Add in the fact that the new CBA means players can keep their NTC intact when they are traded means a guy like Subban would have had a right of refusal and it even more difficult to trade big dollar value contracts.</div></div>

Lol Marner eh? I get it he's Overpaid but he's not dead money - there's no world where the Leafs "pay" to move Marner.

Gourde? Yup hard to move due to contract but he's still a 50 pt F who plays all 3 positions he's about a million Overpaid

These are not dead money contracts, Hell Gourde would be the wings best F
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Sujet: Canucks
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>It's not the cap space: it's the taking of those contracts--when others out there are available and will actually help the team---at those prices. It's going to be a buyers market for bad contracts as there will be 4 teams that take them on (Detroit, Ottawa, LA, and NJ with a 5th in Colorado willing to take on 1 year deals---that's pretty much it). Compare that to the number of sellers with 5 teams desperate (Tampa, St. Louis,Toronto, Chicago, and Arizona) to sell so they don't have to mess with non-compliance buyouts. Now add in the fact the cap will remain flat unlike the past and the premiums these sellers have to pay will rise. I don't think you are taking that into account. In other words: Detroit can get a better player with approx the same return.

<strong>Fans of sellers aren't going to like getting pennies on the dollar or having to part with higher draft picks but that is where the market will be considering the flat cap for the next few years.</strong></div></div>

4 out of the 5 teams you listed there don't really have any "bad" contracts - they all just need to move either a final year contract or a good NHL player they just can't afford - there's a massive difference between moving say Johnsson and Eriksson, Chicago would like to move on from Seabrook but have no pressing need to do so this season, the Eriksson's and Ladd's will be costly to move 8 OA is an incredibly high price, the Steen's of the league a mid 1st to mid 2nd will probably get it done, the still useful NHL players (luxuries to playoff teams) will just be sold below market value they won't actually cost anything to move
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