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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NYR1983</b></div><div>If what you’re suggesting is true, Shesty should be a stand alone 1 for MVP. McDavid is struggling to get oil into a wild card spot. And the reason we aren’t in 1st is because shesty has had multiple stints of not playing due to Covid and injury. Offence wins game and Defence wins championships right, that’s how the story goes at least. We have the best defender in the league in shesty while we have been a top scoring team in 22’ so far. Seems like your points are counterintuitive. We have too many prospects in our system that will never get the chances they should get while the following years we will be in more of a cap crunch and not able to move bigger contracts to make space for those prospects. While you’re bang on with our skater not being as productive on the ice as they should be 5v5, it’s absolutely not the reason to be out on big names that could even help us in that area.</div></div>

Ovechkin will win the Hart and he should be number 1. He’s been unbelievable. But no my point is not counterintuitive- why go in on a bunch of guys with expiring contracts at the risk of losing players who could develop into solid middle 6 players? You lose out on young talent when you trade for pending UFA’s of the caliber you listed. Doesn’t make sense to lose the young talent to patch up the holes on a team that’s not built to win in the playoffs. Just hope they develop so you continue to contend for 7-10 more years and not just the next 3-5
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