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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Quillanrocks</b></div><div>Is that commentary on spending 12 million on 2 top 6 forwards, or the 7 million invested in Sorokin? Cuz given Holland's attempt to land Markstrom last year (when the had no money), I think he's definitely gonna see what he can commit to as far as goaltending is concerned . . . Smith payed great and I think he's sincere when he says he wants to bring him back, but he's 40 . . . come on. (Let me add, I don't seriously think he would offer sheet Sorokin, but have to admit it is intriguing)

As far as forwards/depth scoring, rumor has it (Dreger) that the Oilers have serious interest in Hyman but I'm not convinced he leaves Toronto unless the dollars are excessive. Schwarts, too, to a lesser degree, but his tenacity, scoring ability, and Stanley Cup ring are worth the price. I liked him at 6 more than the Nuge. Yeah the depth options are depressingly underwhelming (you know, pretty much what Holland has done for the past several seasons!)

What do people think of the Ho-Sang add? He's good friends with McDavid and thought maybe Holland would take a flyer on him, see what he does with an opportunity and even the chance to play with the best of the best!</div></div>

The problem if if you look at all the teams that made the top 8, they all had depth 3+ solid lines. Edmonton had 1.5 lines in the playoffs and like 3 D that they rode into the ground. Schwartz had lower ppg then Bozak on the same team so I don't think he is due a 6M contract, maybe he gets the Barrie/Hoffman contract before a 6M commitment. When it comes down to it when you have top 2 C making 21M dollars your top 6 wingers need to be bargains if you want to fill out a contending roster. If those 2 wingers make 4.5-5M instead of 6 maybe you can afford an actual #3C and push McLeod to #3LW/#4C while he develops.
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