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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CaseyFlyman</b></div><div>On paper this makes sense, but I just don't think there's any way the Jackets win a Boqvist trade right now. He's looked like a really gifted offensive D-man when healthy, and that's much harder to find than a physical presence (which would be the entire right side). I'd much rather go for a Peeke-for-Zadorov swap, but I think CBJ is content to see what they have with so many new parts before making any changes.

I do like Danforth in for Mathieu, that 4th line could be solid. Tex is also extremely defensively responsible (more so than Ros), so I think the lineup works. We'll just have to see if Sillinger struggles out of the gate, because he might be best off starting in the AHL to get some confidence back.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Soul</b></div><div>I totally respect your perspective. Boqvist has great potential and has shown undeniable flashes of brilliance as an offensive defenseman, and those players are indeed a precious commodity in the NHL. However, here's a counterpoint to consider: While Boqvist's offensive skills are exciting, the Blue Jackets have Werenski, Severson Provorov, Blankenburg and Bean who can all move the puck and contribute offensively, as well as Jiricek, Matechuck, Svozil and Ceulemans on the way. They might be facing a situation where they need to address their defensive presence as a whole rather than hang on to yet another offensive-minded dman.

Sometimes, it's not just about one player's talent but how the entire roster fits together. Moving Boqvist for a more physical presence, like Zadorov, could help bolster the team's defensive stability. As you mentioned, we have that on the right side with Peeke, Gudbranson, and maybe Blankenburg or Jiricek (I wouldn't consider Severson very physical), but there isn't really a physical precense on the left. Z and Provy are solid defenders, but Zadorov would put someone on that side who can really bang, and offers a big, familiar partner for Guddy to form a shutdown and penalty killing third pair with.

Your suggestion of a Peeke-for-Zadorov swap is interesting too. It might indeed be another way to address the need for physicality on the left side, but I think Calgary would require another asset to be included in that swap.

I agree that the lineup adjustments you mentioned, like Danforth and Tex, could add depth and defensive responsibility. And regarding Sillinger, player development is crucial. If he needs some time in the AHL to regain confidence, that might be the best path for his long-term growth. It's going to be very interesting to see how players compete for those center spots, and how Babcock manages that situation.</div></div>

Under this scenerio, i could see Jenner at 1C, Fantilli at 2C and Johnson moving over into 2LW position to start the season.
As good as Fantilli may be, I think Babs will go with Jenner so as to ease Fantilli into the 1C role.

As for Peeke vs Boqvist swap, I think Peeke is valued higher due to his size, heavy play, and shot blocking ability over Boqvist.
People knock on Peeke and trade him low on this site. But nobody seems to take into consideration he was slotted at 1RD with Werenski, and probably a bit too early to rely on there to be consistent night after night against other teams' top lines...and then Werenski went out for almost the whole season. And Merzlikens laid an egg in 2022-23.
Peeke slotted in at 2C or 3C across from Provorov or another solid D man will definitely do wonders for his game.

Smart money says Boqvist, Guds and Bean are on their way out of town in the near future with Blankenburg, Jiricek, Coulemans, Mateychuk etc. all on the way very soon.
Forum: Armchair-GM22 juill. à 23 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Soul</b></div><div>You're comparing Fantilli to Slaf or any pick from last year's draft? That's your first issue.

Thinking the Blue Jackets have a terrible team because they finished 31st last year is your next one. I'm not trying to say they should've been cup contenders, but they should have at least been competing for a playoff spot. They were decimated by injuries and horribly coached. They've significantly improved the defense, coaching and center ice this offseason as well. If you were able to look at this roster without your Leafs glasses on, you'd see they have a lot of high-end talent. some crazy good prospects, and a good balance of toughness too.

The idea that you think Fantilli would be "rushed" onto an NHL roster is laughable. If you can't see or understand that he is an NHL ready talent, then there is nothing I can do for you. Just watch more hockey and hopefully someday you'll understand how players differ from each other.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MitchJr</b></div><div>You need to chill bud. So you are saying the top 5 picks from last year are all no good? None of them are in the league. Time will tell - I think Fantilli will struggle like pretty much all young players would if you jump from college freshman to nhl. And Columbus will not be in the playoffs - long way to go yet</div></div>

Okay, so you both have salient points.
On the one hand, the Jackets have been known to rush prospects into the lineup, mostly in earlier years when their roster lacked bona fide skill/talent and they had very mediocre scouting, which put even more “pressure” on getting the young guns up and into games to prove themselves.

That being said, all of the NHL scouts, analysts, etc. have projected Bedard, Fantilli and Carlson to be NHL ready this year. Smart money says he plays from day one. And I think Babs will help put him in the right spot in the lineup for his development, similar to what Torts would do.

So how about let’s bury the hatchet, agree to disagree, and move on with our next posts?
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