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8 aoû 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Laine, Jenner, and Wilson would be a really good line. Two grinders with half-decent skill, plus a big guy with a great shot. But is Jenner going to want to play every game with Laine, now? And is Columbus really open to trading both to Washington to play with Wilson? :) What would that even take?</div></div>

The Jacket's had their 1st line power forward in Anderson, and chased him out of town just like they did Dubois.

This "bad" cop / "bad" cop routine doesn't work. Someone needs to be the good guy for these players.
Torts' hot-head, wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve personality just doesn't work.
I'm tired of Torts' airing his emotions in the media. Other teams keep their crap in the locker room. He should too.

Add into that a small-market team with a GM that has absolutely screwed up the last 3 years (1. not being able to sign Panarin &amp; Bob, 2. selling the farm to rent Duchene &amp; Dzingle, 3. selling off a bunch of solid players in Nutivaara, Wennberg &amp; Murray just to NOT be able to sign a significant UFA, 4. not being able to retain Anderson, and 5. chasing Dubois out of town) has really killed the momentum of this team.

Gerard Gallant is a player's coach. Their 1st priority should be to fire Torts and hire Gallant.

Then, Jarmo needs to go back to GM school to learn a bit more in the player relations department.
Bill Zito and Florida just "celebrated" Bob's 500th NHL game with a big on-ice party, video tribute, a silver stick, crystal framed pictures, and a free trip to Africa for a safari.
He needs his ego stroked, and look how he's playing (it helps he has a great team in front of him too).
Jarmo either needs to learn from that or bring someone in who can perform the player relations function better than what is happening now. Plain and simple.

They need to re-sign Foligno in the summer for around $2.5M. He belongs here.
They should re-sign Savard too, he is a shot-blocking machine.
The time is near for a new regime in control of this team.
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