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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Even if you hate Myers, it's only 2 years and you'd be getting one of these :

<em>1. Shane Wright, C, Kingston (OHL): The undisputed gem of the draft, Wright is a powerful pivot with character who can dominate at both ends of the ice.
2. Logan Cooley, C, NTDP (USHL): High-end Notre Dame commit combines speed and smarts to create turnovers and burn opponents with his offensive prowess.
3. Juraj Slafkovsky, LW, TPS (Fin.): This kid has 'future beast' written all over him and playing against men has kept him sharp. Talented Slovakian plays with snarl.
4. Ivan Miroshnichenko, LW, Omsk (Rus.): International sensation has speed and high-end offensive skill, plus a projectable frame. Playing against men back home in Russia's farm league.
5. David Jiricek, D, Plzen (Cze.): Put on an absolute show early on in the Czech League season, proving he could bring offense, mobility and poise from the back end.
6. Joakim Kemell, RW, TPS (Fin.): Red-hot start to season saw him lead the Liiga in scoring. Kid has a wicked release and will be a weapon at world juniors.
7. Conor Geekie, C, Winnipeg (WHL): His combination of size and skill are hard to find in a pivot and I believe NHL scouts are going to fight over him. Geekie is playing for a wagon of a team in Winnipeg.
8. Simon Nemec, D, Nitra (Svk.): Steady, all-around blueliner putting up numbers in Slovakian League after dominating at summer's under-18 Hlinka-Gretzky tournament.
9. Matt Savoie, C, Winnipeg (WHL): Putting up excellent numbers on that stacked Ice team. True competitor with loads of skill was great with USHL Dubuque last season.
10. Brad Lambert, RW, TPS (Fin.): Slow start in the Liiga, but Lambert was excellent at last year's world juniors and his skill, skating and compete level will triumph eventually.</em>

I don't know if you watched the last WJC but Brad freaking Lambert is 10th on that list...

As you can see in my post N.3, I'd be ready to give another 2nd, leaving Rathbone to them and even take another cap dump... and even then, it would still be a total STEAL</div></div>

Don't think this would ever happen, even for a sub-par GM in the NHL.
Teams like Vancouver do not trade off a potentially high 1st round pick to dump a player like Myers. That is a recipe for disaster.
They fall on the sword, take their lumps this year, and draft a potentially franchise-changing player like those listed.
2022 will be a deep draft again, and any of the top 6-7 players could be NHL ready.
Heck, look at Columbus drafting Sillinger at 12th (11th really since Arizona lost their pick), he is the real deal, I can't believe the 5 or 6 teams from #5-10 passed on him).
Lose, get a high pick, pick well, and then buy out Myers in the off-season (VAN has very little payroll now in the buyout bucket, so they can afford to do so...AND the cap may increase in 2022).
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