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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rob32sjsharks </b></div><div>Except Ottawa has 2-3 kids that are due for a massive raises soon, and Ottawa needs a new goalie and some pieces this offseason. there was talk of them trying to get rid of him the last year or two if I remember correctly. The other thought on this was that Ottawa has way too many draft picks in the next two years and that’s going to create a glut of players all getting raises at the same time with no stagger like most teams prefer. It solves multiple problems for both teams. Ottawa gets another good (albeit not great) prospect, a still valuable pick and big headache of their roster. Sharks get back their pick that will go a long way towards their rebuild.</div></div>

•Ottawa has around 40M in cap space this summer and big contracts of Bobby Ryan and Gaborik off the books in the next couple years. Any massive raises in the near future aren’t an issue.

•Sens need Bobby Ryan’s contract to be cap compliant next year, especially with the potential of two new ELCs on the team from this years draft (lol).

•Hogberg looks promising and Nilsson has a year left. It’d be a horrible idea for them to get a goalie this offseason.

•If Ottawa has a glut of draft picks that all pan out, not only will they be stacked while the players are on the team, but they’ll be able to trade RFA contracts if a cap crunch is ever an issue.

•I think there’s almost zero chance the Sens trade SJ’s pick, and an even less chance they trade it for this package.

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