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Free agent fan for 15 years flirted with a few teams but never quite got there til my jets were reincarnated
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Habs902</b></div><div>Yeah, both could sign longer I just figured to replace laine you would have a 50-60pt player in Tatar who is only 30. And the best #2 centre in the league who can also put up 50 pts. Along with a blue chip RD prospect and a 1st rd pick. I doubt the jets will even get close to what they want for Laine. Maybe not. But I think the Laine Sega will be ugly if they don’t deal with it soon. Especially being that most of teams revenue is negative and they won’t have the money along with many other franchises to afford the kind of raise he wants. Time will tell.</div></div>

Jets are kind of a different level than mtl is, they basically have to continue to build, and add team control assets over and over again, and then when it finally comes together, they add rentals and go all in. Losing all the defenseman that they did put there build back to be being 2/3 years out, waiting on the blueline to catch up to the forwards, so adding veteran forwards with the scheifeles/wheelers/Lowry/pearrault, just gets the squad to bubble or early exits, and still waiting on the blueline. So my personal theory is the need on any laine/roslovic moves need to bring in players or picks that fit with morrisey/ehlers/helly/connor category or age group or heinola/samberg/vaselainen type add category. So adding a couple vets that best hockey in the next two years doesn’t quite do it, especially when there’s no guarantee they stick around, with expansion and Winnipeg doesn’t usually longterm anybody without sometime with team, kind of a mutual audition.
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