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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TMLSage</b></div><div>Marner is going no where and is not the problem.</div></div>

i love how no one wants to admit its Mathews that has to go
TML invested A LOT in trying to make Wendell Clark their last #1 OA pick the guy who ends the decades long drought.

For the love of god please learn from your mistakes .
Teams who trade former 1st OA picks as a rule land a Lot for pending UFA's they cant sign.
i cant remember the last time a 1st OA was traded with that much Term so i think TML would get enough to get better.

ARZ deal makes the most sense
Grab Keller and Dvorak in the deal in a bundle with a couple 1st's and an B level prospect or a single 1st and a A level prospect .
ARZ gives up a decent amount but Matthews is a better Center and playmaker then both
plus Hall-Mathews-Kessel so there's that


TML has 3 rolling lines that could be top 6 on every NHL team in the league that's young and signed (mostly and for less then AM)
Whatever picks you got will develop and join them after giving TML options incase they decide to sell a Tavares lets say 3-4 years in if no cup by then
TML is still a really young team making keeping Tavares long term a lot easier.
Honestly i believe Dvorak -Marner re-uniting for the first time since their Memorial Cup Win in London.
Keller's no joke and could easily be a 30 goal scorer down the road on this team given how well he's done in ARZ(where careers went to die until 2016 ish)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Baphomet</b></div><div>Funny thing is we actually had/have a strong bottom six this year. They’ve gutted out four wins in the last five against playoff teams or teams on the cusp. I think our systems are still solid once the team gets over the initial shock of Pavelski departing. Pavs leaving the Sharks was a lot harder than a lot of people thought I think.</div></div>

Still No Goaltending though
When Nabokov holds all your goalie records basically it confirms this .

i mean MTL fans seem to considers Theodore's tenure the worst in goaltending for us since the 1960's but he destroys Nabakov's accomplishments .
that being said atleast we gave Theodore help something SJS never did as he was always top 3 for starts in the league and burnt out come playoffs.

its a shame because i truly wanted you guys to win
i grew up a Rob Blake guy when everyone was high on Sundins, Selane's,Jagr's ext
i REALLY wanted him to go out on top as he had an amazing career and one of the last great hipcheckers .

Jones was a nice find but he's the guy who holds things down while you develop your star Goalie
MTL had Huet for that while we put Price in the AHL
If you guys are smart you'll do whatever it takes to get Askarov this draft
He's elite and probably the best Goalie prospect to go in the 1st since Andrei Vasilevsky
I believe it was the hockeywriters who did a piece on 2020-2030's top NHL goalies of the future and Askarov was in the middle of the pack.

if you guys could get him , woooweee
you'd destroy the league as you always put together solid offense and defense .
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsRafiki</b></div><div>Obviously, losing nearly two years of development is never good, but I don't believe all hope is lost for Juulsen. Anyway, I don't know why losing Juulsen is any more damaging than Scherbak, McCarron, Beaulieu, Leblanc... We're kind of used to having those #1s never play meaningfully in the NHL.</div></div>

it isnt but given we werent contenders from 2011-13 when Leblanc woulda been helpful , 2015-18 when Mccarrron , or Scherbak woulda been usefull.
Beaulieu atleast gave us a couple years of essentially the same level of play Kulak offers now which is better then the other busts .

MTL drafted big when they shoulda went small , small when they shoulda went big and with Beaulieu chose french over Klefboom or Murphy who went just after NB .

That's the easiest to assign blame to because its the GM who was promoted rapidly due to Gainey's abscence after his daughter died .
Gauthier ran the god awful draft dept from 2008 until he was fired in 2011 right into the ground and his scouts were so distrusted he grab Timmons out of the Player Development department to advise him at the 2012 NHL draft . from 2013-2015 Timmons learned a new job on the fly and all things considered did wel as 2/3 drafts all the teams were losers that picks at our position and 1/3 was a bad injury screwing us . 2016 he tried juggling his new job and letting his staff he left in place do the job but come Draft MB only trusted his opinion .

This lead Timmons to outsource to a close friend of his who recently re-stocked VAN Canucks organizational depth through the Draft in Eric Crawford who since arriving has found more talent in 7th rounders in Harvey-Pinard , Stapley and Primeau are all ahead of projections , leaders on their team. After Timmons acquired Crawfords Commitment he was promptly promoted to Assistant GM in charge of Scouting and draftng while Mellanby handles development assignments since 2014 .

between Timmons and Mellanby from 2014-2017 they went through department by department re-staffing he Canadiens .
by 2018 their biggest challenges became lack of contract space due to so many picks and no ECHL team leaving 41 contracts in laval between NHL deals and ones the AHL club signed themselves .

Needless to say those 2 are competing for MB job and the other will be a solid back up .
MB will replace Molsons who's dropped the ball repeatedly and has to leave if we're ever to become better
If we're lucky it happens soon because since he took over in 2011 its been mediocrity almost the whole way through
if not for Price carrying us to a ECF with Vanek-Eller-Bourque line then Fans would have already protested to the point Molsons sells again .
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