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4 mar 2017
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Gardiner = no thanks

any GM who signs him is looking to pay a lot and for a long time .

Beaulieu is just as good of an option as Gardiner because we know what Nathan can do without having to rely on offensive stars . Gardiner only began to succeed once Mathews ,Marner,Nylander,Reilly and other youth pieces showed up producing offense at high rate's and if you take that away hoping Gardiner can sustain his offense you're asking for dissapointment as you're banking on him playing well with here when MTL needs a Defensive D to balance out our RD with Weber and Petry two offensive D . Signing Gardiner to play with Weber negates the whole point of bringing Weber in to mentor youth and putting him with Petry is asking for them both to be top 5 turnovers in the NHL .

with Beaulieu 2/3rds of his production comes on PP so we just need him to play third pair and top PP possibly even PK but keep his minutes at 17-20 and he'll succeed here but when CJ came in they were trying to force him and about a half dozen other bottom 6 D in playing with Weber and no one's succeeded .(trading him the year he gets a career high based on this was always off to me unlike the Pateryn deal which made 100% sense )

Stone would be nice i suppose

you should try and stop trading everyone you dont want for a weird pick it takes credibility away just buy them out or send them to the AHL assuming they'll all clear waivers that way you'll get more people looking at this and agreeing rather then looking at it as a pile of leftovers getting pawned off on another team that doesnt need them .
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mooper</b></div><div>I understand where you're coming from but I don't think the NJD management will do this. Butcher may be struggling a bit this year, but the defense as a whole has been a huge issue. A one for one trade doesn't make sense to me especially when NJ is sending an NHL capable defenseman for someone who isn't as proven yet.</div></div>

given how much production the Offense provided and how solid Cory Schneider was for NJD i'd be shocked if Shero wasnt open to moving him as this would be his kind of trade as NJD only has Left Handed D prospects with Gryba and Mueller being used as plugs so this solve's one of the biggest issues NJD has in the depth department

Brooks is one of the top developed Canadian D out there right now with MTL real high on him because of his ability to carry the puck and distribute it on special teams as both our AHL coach and NHL coach went on about Brook at length in the Pre Season making him one of the last cuts as with Weber down at the time there was serious though about keeping him but instead Benn and Oulette rotated filling in on the Right side and MTL chose not to burn a year on his ELC which was brilliant because he's having a career year .

if anything i argue giving up Brooks for Butcher is not in MTL's favor as he could replace Petry who will land a LD prospect a lot better then Butcher who is a star on a struggling team but on a team with stars on the back end up ceiling is really as a #2-3 D and special teams leader , not a guy like Weber you want logging 25 plus minutes as he's an offensive D unlike Weber who's just as solid in his end as the offensive end making him a complete 2 way threat and leader .

that being said we need a young LD today to bridge the gap until Romanov and Mete can solidify themselves giving us a complete and powerful LD core for the next 4-7 years while still having Weber Juulsen and Fleury long term to round out a solid core with great leadership .
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