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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Before you go around accusing people of being manipulative do yourself a favor and ask where the info is coming from instead of being a jerk about it. Here are the links to the info I am using the Mysak link is literally from May and the Kidney article from April.



Next time, don't be such a jerk with your response or you will get reported 100% guaranteed MMW!</div></div>

I can be as blunt as i want when you quote teenagers younger then the prospect as legitimate while ignoring people who are paid to professionally do it for a living.
I feel like you will just believe anything if its worded nicely enough and presented at the top of a google search

Just saying Dobber had 1 guy of all the post on Mysak's official page in which you guy didnt make the top 10 comments cut.
Why? Cause the dude was given a promotion in the spring of 2022 from Fantasy league writer to actually handling MTL scouting at a Pro Level.

You're still asking me to believe a guy who's only qualification for getting his job is he boiled a team game down to an individual sport for Profit via Betting .
Me being a dick doesnt change facts nor does it mean you'll grasp them any more or less as you're the type of personality who hates working for information and attach to easy answers.

Its why i'm moving on
You're willing to die on that cross based on what a kid said from the 0 games he attended and 5 games he watched lol
You cant fix that
Forum: Armchair-GM6 sept. 2022 à 11 h 6
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I disagree and think you are confusing Mysak for Kidney as Sébastien High literally says that about Mysak in his analysis as seen here

As of right now, <strong>Mysak’s ceiling seems to be that of a skilled forechecking third-line winger with 15-18 goal potential, in the mold of Artturi Lehkonen</strong>; if he indeed develops into this kind of player, which is no guarantee, the Habs will be very happy with their development of the second-round selection.

Here is Kidney's also by Sébastien High

April 2022 – Kidney has produced very well in his D+1 season in the QMJHL on an excellent Acadie Bathurst team, building upon his hot streak in last year’s playoffs. Kidney is a talented playmaker with good hands and skill. He has scored his fair share of highlight-reel goals this season, but concerns about his projectability remain. While Kidney has the skill to exploit QMJHL-level defence, he relies upon the extra time and space he will not have at the pro level. He is also pushed to the perimeter in the offensive zone on almost every possession. Struggling to attack the middle against the weak defences of the QMJHL demonstrates Kidney’s biggest hurdle in transitioning his offensive skill and production to the next level. However, if he is able to adapt his game and learn to attack the middle with his hands and his playmaking abilities, he has the upside to turn into a creative second liner.

So High sees Mysak as the new Lehkonen and Kidney as more of a Drouin type of player. Neither are critical to the team but Kidney gets the edge IMO as the player with the higher ceiling</div></div>

You're a Manipulative Person to go back to a 2018 Dobber post but ignore the dozen post since talking about his value as a Center.
You literally had to scroll threw all those posts just to find one that fit your theory hoping i wouldnt source check you

The mistake you made was the source you named
He was literally in grade 10 at the time he wrote the post look it up

You went "ill ignore every professional scout on Dobber and pick this high school kid "
Or worse you dont check sources before you blindly believe someone
In any case i talk to real life scouts in person at games so i dont get caught with my pants down quoting a 16 year old non Pro Scout article from when he first started writting lol
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Forum: Armchair-GM29 août 2022 à 23 h 9
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>Carolina never uses a 23 man roster. Sure, they had one with Domi, but that was after the deadline when they picked him up for a longshot prospect and a guy that was never going to come back across. They can do it comfortably.It involves a little finagling, but it is doable once Pacioretty is activated at the trade deadline. Alternatively, they could just waive Martinook and then they're free to do whatever they want, which is also an option. Plus, with guys like Gardiner and Kase on the roster, they're likely not going to have any issues with the cap because of their previous injury history.</div></div>

Fair Enough up until Pacioretty returns part.
You're talking about taking your 22 man roster down to 20 or 21 to fit Pacioretty's cap even if he misses half the year.
Its my understanding that if his Cap hit is reflected from the point he plays on if you're saying TDL for a return thats still 2.75-3.5m
That also means Martinook wouldnt be enough .
Your hope to solve that problem is your team has players get injured lol
I mean that's fine as long as you factor in losing other injury prone players like both your Goalies.

Then again MTL fans were just as insane thinking for years that Price was enough putting our selves in cap hell where we had to skate a 22/23 man roster.
But that was back when we had Markov/Subban/Gorges to absorb minutes on the back end.
We kept telling ourselves the front end line up he had was good enough filled with role players and a few good pieces.
Reality is all we did was waste our Franchise players Prime years as he made it to 2 ECF and a SCF with no run support offensively..
Its just a shame to see CAR doing that in reverse going all out Offense and wasting AHO Prime years.
We always pretend in the moment they have years left and it will happen but the reality is not as long as they have a 1 dimensional GM

Adding Burns helped but for how long
Your GM makes moves like bringing in Hamilton and Edmundston then downgrades to Tony Dbag and Jake Gardiner right after.
For every good move he makes he undoes it with a few bad ones like giving away Adam Fox to protect Jake Bean hahahaha
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Forum: Armchair-GM28 août 2022 à 23 h 58
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BCAPP</b></div><div>Wait what are you talking about burying cost? The first 1.25 mil of a players salary does not count against the cap when they're waived. And remember in the above it was after the Edmundson trade.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BCAPP</b></div><div>Wait what are you talking about burying cost? The first 1.25 mil of a players salary does not count against the cap when they're waived. And remember in the above it was after the Edmundson trade.</div></div>

Agreed but that's off the full value of the salary.
With many players their AHL salary's are lower then their NHL salary
This means those calculations start from that AHL salary base.

Your AHL and NHL Cap hits are listed as different for a reason
Sometimes they're structured with Lower AHL Cap hits to start
With higher AHL cap hits at the end

While 1.25m comes off in this care thats still 2.75m left
With Pacioretty on IR that makes them cap compliant with 22/23 players signed

So like i said the "Burying cost " is still too high for CAR to absorb
Im not saying the NHL and AHL cap's are equal overall after the 1.25m is factored in
I'm saying his contract is structured so it equal so there's no real savings.

Where as they coulda saved 800k if they did this his first year the way the contrct is structured.
That 800k woulda bought them a 23rd roster player so it may seem like such a small amount
But really it actually has a pretty big impact going forward .

This is all before we factor in a Pacioretty return to a healthy roster
Forum: Armchair-GM28 août 2022 à 23 h 44
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Just_A_Guess</b></div><div>That's all well and good but we're still trying to be trash and we're moving a 2 yr contract for a 1 yr contract in this scenario. Adds more cap space sooner and moves one of our endless wingers which we need to do anyway. We can run special teams with the kids playing ball hockey down the street for all I care, I still rather pay for one year of Gardiner than 2 years of Hoffman considering neither are difference makers so contract length and position are the only things to value here. Even if we can't move everyone for good picks because we can only retain 3 contracts, adding to the available cap next year still holds value for this team. Neither player here has a future with this team, just gets MTL out from a contract a year sooner. We can pay 23 defensemen to fill the roster if we have to, Bedard is the goal this year anyway so defensive liabilities are welcomed on 1 yr contracts.</div></div>

We can "trash" playing youth
Bringing in Vet's who are pending UFA's only makes sense if you play them enough to profit at the TDL.

We already got 5 UFA's this year and 5 UFA's next year with the maximum we can RS on is 3/5 per year as is.
All this did was make it 6 UFA's this year and 4 UFA's next year

Again 2 years of someone earning most of their 4m paid is better then someone earning none of their 4m paid.
"Bedard is the goal" this doesnt help us anymore or less with that.
The only thing that could justify that logic is if MTL was getting back an unprotected 1st from CAR in the deal
even then its only increasing our odds slightly relying on 2 injury prone goalies to go down for a better pick

If we didnt already have a ton of contracts then you'd be 100% right
But in this Scenario giving us more UFA's to sell this year doesnt help
especially when they player wont make the roster to begin with

MTL would rather play Schuneman who was as productive in a fraction of the games with more minutes over Gardinder
He's a pending UFA also with a 750K cap hit who could get much more come TDL then Gardiner could but i didnt include him in our UFA List
Why? i didnt think he was good enough to make the roster despite being a tank year and despite being better then Gardiner

MTL's goaltending alone is enough to ensure we're bottom of the league
Playing Gardiner just means MTL fans will throw jersey's on the ice agian until the coach is changed.
Fans can stand a rebuild and losing is there's something to cheer for like MSL PP success sparked by him playing Caufield
We lost 11 straight with MSL more then with Ducharme or maybe it was a tie but the point is fans didnt react the same way.
Forum: Armchair-GM28 août 2022 à 23 h 36
Forum: Armchair-GM28 août 2022 à 22 h 54
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Just_A_Guess</b></div><div>I'd do this anytime to move Hoffman, idk why Carolina would do it but MTL should be more than happy to take that</div></div>

Yeah its good in theory
Only issue is our UFA's are piling up
We can only RS on 3 players
Taking on Gardiner to move means
RS on a Drouin, Dadanov,Monahan, Byron and Allen
Adding Gardiner is rough but that said even at that cap
Someone will likely offer a late pick for him at the TDL

Only downside is Hoffman had a bad year but still finished 3rd in MTL scoring
Everyone sucked last year until MSL showed up and he seemed to like Hoffman on 2nd PP.
Our PP has no one left to Quarterback it on the Blue line so guys like Drouin and Hoffman will get more minutes.
Moving both this year mean we'll have no one on the back end except Wideman to deal with that role
Unless Xhekaj comes up we wont either as Mathesons career Powerplay numbers are so bad they make Gallaghers look All Star level.(Gally's a 5v5 scorer)
Harris isnt ready and Schuneman did do it for a short period with success last year but it was at the end of the year when many teams were resting players.

Even during a Rebuild you need guys to run your special teams
We're up for a trade but i guess we're not willing to give up a 30pts Player who's great on PP even at his lowest
For Gardiner who we got no room for anyways who puts up a fraction as much offense without any defensive upside
What concerns me the most is his Goals For vs Goals Against average when on ice as it hit a steady rise to its peek at 12 + to now -0.4
He's becoming consistently each year more of a defensive liability

Its a bit like trying to trade Alzner for Sam Gangner a while back
one has clear NHL value even if a Cap Dump and the other has No NHL value heading towards Retirement
You dont find those Rene Bourque(fresh off leading MTL's forwards in a ECF run ) for Bryan Allen type deals to often
It usually requires the better player requiring Rehab or needing it anyways

Far as i know Hoffman's healthy and looking to rebound
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