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This assumes ARZ new Owners are as cheap as the old ones
After July 1st Price has 5.5m signing bonuses Price has 9.5m in physical money owed in Salary on 21m Cap over 2 years
Friedman was covering it i believe with Marek saying that from a teams POV you're taking on a 4.75m x 2 year hit cash wise if you average it out
But with Price on LTIR it allows a team to go over the cap then activate Price on LTIR and be given additional room beyond the allotted League standard Cap Hit to spend to replace said player.

Its an attractive option right now for an EDM for example
it would give them a bigger cushion then Seabrook in the same position gave TBL on both their cup runs and like what 4 finals runs ?

Right now EDM, CAR, FLA, NJD and MIN are the teams i'd say that would be most helped by an additional cushion
That said i wouldnt expect the return he's thinking as Seabrook got a 2nd and Tyler Johnson who was basically our Anderson but still producing. He just fell behind in a stacked depth chart.
I'd expect something similar and the only clear way to Win for MTL would be to take Kotkaniemi and a 1st for Dvorak's final year and Price's contract
It lets MTL re-write the Narrative on the Trade and it does in a way for CAR as Dvo with 55% faceoffs in bulk so even if you set him on 4th line and have him take all the defensive draws,Still more than KK did

For MTL it gives KK back his 3rd line Center where he started and the change to work under MSL and take that 2nd C thats been envisioned for Dach but lets see how many games before he's on LTIR this season so KK could have a big comeback story. He's overpaid sure but im that confident in Martin St Louis and Coach Nicholas both of whom KK never met by the time he was gone so there is no ill will as everyone from that era is gone basically but Gally, Byron in Development, Boullion , Lapierre and a few others.

CAR would get cap help via Price but also by moving 6 years of KK at 4.8m for 1 year of Dvorak at 2,25/ 4.5m salary after 50% Retained
It would could them a 1st though but the cap savings would be worth it