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Forum: Armchair-GM 2 sep à 21 h 09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>UBS_ARENA</b></div><div>What does scandella have to do with anything? Also your answer to everything is they will uave higher point totals bc they are playing on a bad team. So 2 things. 1. If theyre playing for the sabres theyre likely to play worse (like every other player in recent memory thats played for the sabres and another team). 2. Teams look for other things not just point totals.
But lets go through the trades.

VGK - they aready said they arent moving krebs in an eichel trade.
TOR - hagg gets a 4th at best, probably a 5th tho. Also TOR doesnt need another LHD they need a RHD.
NYI - nobodys going to give you a 1st for rielly smith unless the contract youre taking back is jeff skinner bad.
CHI - why would chicago pay a 2nd to save ~700k. Its a laterall move from butcher to CDH plus CDH can play both sides.
TBL - you will at best get a 6th for pysyk. Hes not good and hes not going to play for anyone whos trading for him at the deadline.
MTL - this is the only trade i dont think the sabres rob anyone.
NYR - again i dont see you getting a 3rd for eakin but i havent really watched him so idk exactly what his value is.</div></div>

Hate on Sabre’s they deserve it. But when u give a player double the minutes they will put up more points. And taking back bad contract at deadline will cost picks. Like I said in each one any team with similar contract coming back.

1.) like I said it would be at deadline and I believe Vegas is going to struggle this year because they don’t have 1c and Questionable 2c. And to get top center need to give something up and don’t believe it is a bad trade for either sides.

2.) could be any team but prolly 3rd was little to optimistic their.

3.) butcher is a player I think will have big bounce back year playing Sabre’s and will be very valuable at deadline. Similar player to vatanen last year. Point producer dman and can move the puck. Could be wrong but I would bet he will be most valuable asset at deadline. Also I didn’t realize they were high on de haan. Would have to be another team with player coming back being similar cap dump.
4.) psysk will play top 4 minutes and increase point total but at this point u know wat u are getting. I just figured with his contract being so cheap a team could get desperate and over pay like Tampa couple injuries and no cap room. And that 3rd is closer to 4th. But prolly looking at 4th from Tampa at best. Unless we take bad contract back.

5.) will never happen but hoping Sabre’s can trade for player similar to brook. Need young RHD and would be willing to add young LHD

6.) Eakins is good 4th line center who can play 3rd line in crunch on a good team that could kill penalties. Not sure wat his value would be at deadline. Guessing 3rd at best prolly 4/5 unless what bad contract
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