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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mauston_atthews</b></div><div>He doesn’t like player development? He literally denied a trade for Mackenzie weegar who’s been one of the best defencemen in the nhl this season so he could have space for sandin. He literally also said he wants to see him as an integral part of our playoff run. Robertson got some games in, I just think he needs more time. He’s a junior superstar too me rn and he just needs more time to learn. He managed to get liljegren in some games. Don’t give me that. He also gave up ZERO prospects at the deadline and still made the team much better. Don’t give me that he doesn’t like player development. That’s not enough for eichel. They want proven talent. That rackell trade is awful for the leafs. They don’t need him at all and liljegren has looked great so far and will only get better. I guess the kerfoot for Dunn trade is ok? That Muzzin trade is just, WHAT? Our best defensive guy for Nolan bustrick? This whole thing is just really stupid.</div></div>

Agreed. Lot's of good posts in this thread defending Dubas and I would agree that he is for sure focused on player development. I would be surprised if there's too many trades happening in this upcoming offseason. Dubas signed some cornerstone pieces to massive contracts and now needs to massage in role players and younger (cheap) guys to round out the lineup. The challenge becomes even more difficult with a flat cap that was not anticipated. Only major trade I can see happening is if he needs to move a prospect to ensure Seattle picks who they want them to pick.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 12:33 pm