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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>From my count, there will be 16 drafted NCAA players with rights expiring on August 15th.
(everyone else has said they are going back to school or have signed pro deals)

About half are working looking at. A couple of legit good prospects

<strong>1st round</strong>
Jay O'Brien (PHI) -- will not be signed by Flyers
Ryan Johnson (BUF) -- Has been talking to Sabres (am guessing they are trying to find a trade)

<strong>2nd round</strong>
Robert Mastrosimone (DET) -- has said he will test free agency

<strong>3rd round</strong>
John Farinacci (ARI) -- will not be signing in Arizona

<strong>4th round</strong>
Tyler Weiss (COL) -- used fifth year, still unsigned
Jack Gorniak (MTL) -- used fifth year, still unsigned

<strong>5th round</strong>
Harrison Blaisdell (WPG) -- ??
Owen Lindmark (FLA) -- probably returns to Wisconsin

<strong>6th round</strong>
Simon Kjellberg (NYR) -- ??
Ben Brinkman (DAL) -- used fifth year, still unsigned
Gavin Hain (PHI) -- used fifth year, still unsigned
Kevin Wall (CAR) -- expects to go pro but is still unsigned

<strong>7th round</strong>
Nick Leivermann (COL) -- used fifth year, still unsigned
Bryce Brodzinski (PHI) -- ??
Ryan O'Connell (TOR) -- used fifth year, still unsigned
Austin Wong (WPG) -- hasn't entered transfer portal and is from conference that doesn't allow 5th year

If they all made it to Aug 15th, these would be the guys likely getting pro deals
1. Ryan Johnson (BUF)
2. Robert Mastrosimone (DET)
3. John Farinacci (ARI)
4. Nick Leivermann (COL)
5. Jay O'Brien (PHI)

Minor league deals
Ben Brinkman (DAL)
Tyler Weiss (COL)
Owen Lindmark (FLA)</div></div>

Thanks. This is great!
Is Weiss' rights still owned by Colorado? I know he's tied to them on Capfriendly but I've seen some articles from earlier the start of the year talking about him as a college free agent (maybe it was known or assumed he wouldn't be signing with the Avs).
Others not listed that I'm unsure of their status: Thiessen (VAN), Demin (CHI), Adams (DET), McCarthy (NJD), Romano (ARI), McFaul (BOS), Moe (WPG), Loheit (OTT).