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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zmach</b></div><div>i think i would send Kulak before Barrie. Bouchard isn't progressing as fast as would like. keeping him on 3rd pairing will keep his AAV down.</div></div>

Stunting Bouchard for the sake of his AAV is pretty short sighted when you consider what adding Ekholm would represent. Bouchard is exceeding Barrie in essentially all metrics besides TOI (they're virtually equal), GF%, HDGF%, and PDO, where Bouchard is on the cooler of the century. Despite the eye test and the current sophomore slump, Bouchard has still been the better bet for a sweeping majority of the season. His future here is hopefully going to be far longer. Barrie is going to need to be moved now or next season regardless of what Bouchard's AAV ends up being: he's too rich a luxury to have on the back end. Too many additional pieces have to move out in order to accommodate keeping Barrie on the team long-term. This is the kind of deal the Oilers should be making to fill that canyon currently occupying the #2LD and if it means you have to just buck up and give Bouchard the keys to being our premiere puck-moving righty, then bite that bullet.

I don't think Bouchard has played with a player of Ekholm's calibre beyond Nurse, and those numbers speak highly for the Oilers' pairing. Mattias is a mega upgrade on any of Broberg, Koekkoek, Kulak, Lagesson, Murray, Niemelainen, Russell, or any other left-shooting player previously paired with Bouchard. Ekholm's status as the kind of defenceman he is - in theory at least - should push Evan's numbers back to the levels they were with Duncan Keith, but at the benefit of Edmonton possessing a defenceman far superior to Keith. The Oilers can just as well turn around after making this deal and acquire a Schenn-type to pull back on Evan's zone starts and/or PK time. He doesn't need to be coddled by Barrie.

<a href="/users/GeauxPreds1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@GeauxPreds1</a> ultimately I'd be close to agreeing on a deal like this but I would much rather sacrifice futures over Bourgault: the Puljujarvi and Yamamoto experiments have ultimately failed and with Lavoie's status as a legitimate prospect waning by the day, Bourgault and Tullio emerge as some of the hardest prospects for Edmonton to consider moving. Likewise I think Edmonton should be all over Sissons with some large degree of retention. Currently I'm trying to get an AGM with the following up and running:

(LD) Mattias Ekholm
(RC) Colton Sissons (50% retained)
2024 3rd Round Pick (NSH)

(RD) Tyson Barrie
(LW) Maxim Berezkin
(LD) Philip Broberg
(LW) Warren Foegele
2023 1st Round Pick (EDM)
2024 1st Round Pick (EDM)

Two of Edmonton's biggest needs right now are a defensive RHC and a quality LHD: moving Broberg to fill the latter hole would suggest a want for term and the names that really interest me are Chychrun, Ekholm, and Provorov. Ekholm and Sissons fill those roles beautifully and should look to solidify Edmonton's two-way game and PK but I feel like Edmonton may be giving up a hair too much based on your ask for Ekholm and Jeannot, whom I value far more than Sissons.

My proposed trade is almost a wash in terms of the salary cap and I would hopefully think that Nashville puts some stock in having actual NHL bodies to come back in this deal as a lot of the contracts currently in Nashville (Duchene, Forsberg, Johansson, Josi, McDonagh, Saros, and Tomasino specifically) would suggest that there would be a desire to remain competitive next season and onwards. The Fabbro experiment probably ends similarly to how you've proposed above and the jury is out on whether or not either Granlund or Niederreiter are actually moved, so having proper NHL pieces accompany the picks and prospects brought back by making moves for tomorrow can at least keep the Predators' wagon moving in that "could make a run for it" direction.
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