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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>Like GiggywithGibby said, Anaheim is probably better off with keeping Terry. They either take a stab at trading for Nylander by offering something similar to the NYI one with a roster player like Strome/Vatrano+ [a B-prospect +2025 1st] or [maybe Henrique at 50% + 2024 2nd]. Otherwise, they probably try to sign Nylander via free agency offering something similar to what.

For WSH they aren't including Strome in a Nylander trade as Kuzbackov said. It wouldn't even make sense considering they have no young C behind him that is close to being able to fill a 1 or 2C role. Backstrom is a shell of a shell of - not a typo-what he once was after surgery. Kuznetsov hasn't not been good either and wants out. While they might be interested in signing Nylander, I doubt they could make something work in terms of a trade. It would likely have to be Kuznetsov (with some retention)+. Unless they can dump (or buyout) Mantha though, they wouldn't be able to retain on Kuz

Seattle aren't trading Wright for Nylander, but if they were it would effectively be a 1 for 1. SEA probably adds a roster forward lthat they don't need (maybe Wennberg) for roster spot/monetary purposes.</div></div>

Those Ana trades r worse then what Ottawa got for debrincat and their balls were in a vice.

Wsh one I didn’t really know but they have nothing else to offer. There’s no way the leaf take Kuznetsov or Mantha even if he was retained

Trading nylander for wright one for one is a very bad trade. Ur trading a completely unknown player for a known 40 goal scorer that get close to 90 points every year and will for the next 6 years probably. Wright might be a good nhler one day but who knows if he ever gets to be a top C. He was hyped up but definitely flopped for his first year being drafted