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21 mai 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>A_K</b></div><div>Most shifts are on the fly, I've seen smarter people than me argue that zone starts have virtually no impact on results and effectiveness (https://hockeyviz.com/txt/shifts2). And besides a team with Pietrangelo and Parayko would be expected to use them against tougher competition and let the less experienced, offensive d-man beat up on easier competition. A lot of usage is based on team personnel; would Thomas Chabot be playing 25+ minutes against top competition at age 21 if he was on a contending team? Now, the natural next step was to pair Dunn with Parayko and give them big minutes this year, but the team clearly went out of their way to avoid that, so my question is do they have a good reason or are they miscalculating Dunn's value? I won't argue about the trade value, but I will argue that the Blues are making a big mistake by shopping him in the first place.</div></div>

There is always going to be an appeal to authority that some category is ineffective when evaluating a player’s value/impact. What I’m saying is that’s just one that can provide context in which we use to determine value/impact. For example, that’s why GSAx was created to displace SV% by accounting for high danger shots but we all know the technology isn’t there yet to determine exact location which is critical when talking about a game of inches/luck. Hopefully these new pucks stick and we can have some reliable data that doesn’t fluctuate based on the arena/rink.

At the same time we could argue that an appeal to authority to the STL FO shouldn’t of acquired Krug if they thought highly of Dunn’s ability. Faulk obviously threw a wrench in their plans and I think they’d be better off with AP and Parayko on the right side and insert whoever you want on the left but it is what it is at this point.

I’m not saying Dunn can’t develop but rather he hasn’t shown he can routinely hold down a top 4 spot for various reasons. There are multiple players that continue to grow into complete players after the age of 24. The first defensemen that comes to mind for me is Spurgeon who is definitely under appreciated by the casual fan. It’s also worth noting that Dunn isn’t ED exempt so that will factor into his value.
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