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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PerpetuallySad</b></div><div>I wouldn’t trade him, I’d simply put him on LTI, which is what I did in this, ask Holland why that would come up but that was not an original thought by me ahahaha. I haven’t compared Holloway’s NHLe to the draft class, but simply to former college players in his age group.

The trade composed in this is a courtesy trade, an offer that has a decent shot at being denied, it’s not an even trade. But that’s offer before the offer sheet.

(Also) long term covid damage does happen, with Heart Attacks and clotting months after recovering from the initial sickness, it’s an unknown. The Hossa explanation was a quick off the top of my head response the the initial “medical clearance” thing with the first guy.</div></div>
Yeah, I was looking at NHLe for league data and then scanned through the 2020 draftees and it’s a bit skewed I’m assuming lack of training camps, etc.

Yeah, we already discussed the OS approach. So Yzerman would just match the OS and call it a day if somehow Holland got the balls to do one. A late first and third rounder don’t have great odds of replicating Vrana.

There are long term effects that I would consider less deadly than the onset of the virus (with some exceptions like organ damage). The only damage that can go on outside of those symptoms would be further organ damage if it went undetected/untreated but the initial start of that would’ve occurred during Covid (doubtful based on the NHL’s Covid and medical protocols). The only documented no respiratory/cold/flu symptoms post Covid according to the CDC is a potential to develop an AIS (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/long-term-effects.html). Based on interviews of Neal in January he said he felt much better and needed to work his self into game shape since he missed all of training camp. He was also benched for a good portion of the start of the season. I think we agree that if something medically is wrong with Neal via his bad knees or Covid related he’d go LTIR. I was merely questioning the journalism you quoted from Friedman as I didn’t see it and tried to look it up. If Friedman posted that then just shows his complete lack of knowledge on LTIR &amp; cap or he was just creating content for click bait. Which is was he recently did for Detroit in that he said his insider in the club said Larkin was untouchable and then the next day wrote another article with his speculation of the availability of Larkin. I also only brought up Boychuk as his incident didn’t wasn’t re-injured and he played games, hit the offseason and then went LTIRetire as he could potentially re-injury it again while Hossa’s got progressively worse. Neal’s is unique in that it’s uncharted waters and hasn’t gone LTIRetire (yet) so it looks like we agree on Neal on LTIR if approved by doctors, I merely didn’t like how you belittled Hossa’s Ezcema which we already addressed.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PerpetuallySad</b></div><div>Hossa came back and played games with his condition, plenty more than Neal, I truly truly couldn’t care less about the intricacies of Hossa’s condition. Belittling or not, it made my point, I’m sorry this is a sore spot for you and you have the flex you’re knowledge of the personal medically history of past NHLers. But I truly do not care.
Elliotte brought up Neal being traded and subsequently going on LTIR, on Sportsnet and the on Oilers Now i believe.

Holloway has the NHLe of Kyle Connor at his age, trading him to get RFA rights to a complementary winger is not worth in any sense. So in this case he would be considered untouchable.
Bensons skating has improved a lot.
Interesting you like Savoie though, he’s not a fantastic skater by any stretch, has a deadly shot though.</div></div>
Like I said Ezcema is a progressive medical condition that he’s been taking biweekly visits since 2013 so of course he played with the condition. I even explained sores/lesions on his body playing in relation with his hockey equipment. The part you’re missing is it’s progressive and can continue to get worse while with Covid the damage is caused when the virus is active (~2 weeks). So Hossa’s condition got worse and didn’t respond to medication like it did prior making even more unmanageable. With Boychuk like I referenced came back and played but then during the offseason there was no news of re-injury to his eye and then LTIRetired which is why I said would be a better comp.

NHLe are all of whack currently, look at the AHL stats posted by the same draft class, that’s a lot of superstars coming from one draft. It could be that due to Covid and lack of training camp, practices, etc. that some may have increased stats. It could also be sample size in comparison as he was on fire post-WJC. I like him a lot as a prospect and see him as a top 6 utility guy (C/W) which is why I brought him up and I only brought up Savoie to see who in your system you like or dislike to understand your logic. Statically he’s the only one with a good shot at making a top 6 role out of the 4 currently which is why I would ask for him. Vrana can crack a top 6 and therefore trading him we’d need a great chance to replace him or potential to be better which (Tyler &amp; Cooper) aren’t a fit for this.

I didn’t see the Friedman post/podcast when searching for it but let’s say it’s out there. It doesn’t answer my questions. Why trade him when he can just go LTIR? Is the contract insured, if so how much? Would you be over the cap ceiling therefore not accruing cap space for TDL? It doesn’t make sense because if he is LTIR then you just put him there unless ownership doesn’t want to pay his salary or remaining salary post insurance policy. Injuries occur during the season so even if your over the ceiling chances are you will accrue cap space for the TDL but a significant portion unless big contracts go LTIR for periods of time.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>In weaker systems like SJS, STL, VGK, BOS he could conceivably be a top prospect. Its all subjective.
I like Bordeleau more, Krebs is obivous, and I'm not counting Studnicka as a prospect as hes got NHL time.
Idk the STL system well but I'd assume hes brighter than Hofer and Im mixed on Kostin - but I could see him being their top guy (I cant remember who they drafted in 2020 if they had a pick; Im blanking).

But just those 4 teams alone he either has a case to be their top prospect (SJS and VGK hes not imo), but close. And STL and BOS I believe he would be (unless I'm forgetting someone which I obviously can be).

The point being; if Seattle wont take it. If Im SJS Id take a first and a prospect. If Tampa is willing to do Colton, Raddysh/BB/Katchouk and a protected first I'd take that offer and I'm assuming TBL would to. No retention on TJ. and wed send back a useable depth player like Nieto (UFA rights obv) plus a prospect with NHL depth caliber like Gregor or Kellman who can play right now in their bottom 6.</div></div>
But you said “ Alnefelt is Tampas best prospect - but he'd also be near the best if not the best on most teams.” Hugo doesn’t touch a first round pick looking at prior trades like Lehner (Ottawa to Buffalo), Bernier (LA to Toronto), and Andersen (Van to Toronto) those are the big ones from the top of my head with a proven track record. So your essentially saying teams that don’t have a prospect worth a first round draft pick, are there some teams that fit criteria? Maybe but doubtful as goalies don’t carry much weight. So looking at the two teams you said he might (STL &amp; BOS) oddly enough I did a little research on STL as I just moved there and they have Neighbours as their top prospect and he’s worth a bit more than Hugo. Boston if you don’t count Studnicka, might honestly be Swayman or Vladar whom are both superior to Hugo. I don’t mean to belittle Hugo but rather point out he isn’t in some elite tier like Knight, Askarov, Wallstedt and the hype train has been on him for a bit.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PerpetuallySad</b></div><div>I think you’ve missed the plot on the whole reason I brought up Hossa, the fact is you can go in LTIR while bein “cleared to play” that is a simple truth. Long term Covid effects are pretty much unknown and it was stated by members of media that if traded Neal will probably go on LTIR for these lingering symptoms.

Holloway is an untouchable simply because of his development curve &amp; the game he brings, it’s not comparable to Benson. Marody plays best carrying the puck, not really what we need in Edmonton, especially when he doesn’t PK.
Benson is a complementary play making winger who carries more value than Marody IMO
Holloway is a two way centre, that pk’s and will eventually fill the 3C or 2LW hole (if everything goes right)
Holloway fits the future, Marody doesn’t really , and benson could, doesn’t mean their any less valuable,
If you would take Savoie over benson &amp; Marody I’d do that in a heart beat</div></div>

You brought up Hossa belittling his condition “it’s just a rash”. I merely called you out for it as you didn’t know much about his condition and how it effected him. A major difference between both of them is that Neal came back after the illness and played games. I have no problem of him (Neal) going LTIR if there is a legit medical condition wrong with him. A better player to bring up in this case would be Boychuk not Hossa.

Why would you trade someone going on LTIR? Is his contract not insured? Are you worried about LTIR accrual? Who said this in main stream media?

No one in the NHL is untouchable especially if they haven’t even stepped foot on the ice in the NHL. Benson is a potential third line winger and I don’t like the odds giving his skating/shot and lack of being dynamic. I merely brought up Savoie as I like him better than those two and honestly I don’t see Detroit giving up a proven asset for a bunch of iffy magic beans. It’s a classic quantity for quality.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>omg, did you even stop for a second and listen to yourself. What do you think the player was going to say. They screwed me, I can't wait to get out of here?
Even PLD came back and said all the right things. Then he was eventually like F it, trade me.
Teams don't go in there "with a bunch of comparables" and say nothing but nice things about the player. They go in there justifying why they should have to pay them less. Don't you get that. That's why it ends up bad.
The first sign of a problem about to leave is you can't sign a deal and then have arbitration. It's every red flag.
But I'm done arguing. We'll agree to disagree and next year when he bolts you'll get it.</div></div>
PLD played like he was disinterested and that’s putting it nicely, find me one shift where Bert did that. You can’t. PLD also didn’t go through arbitration, he wasn’t eligible. Bertuzzi elaborated on the arbitration process and didn’t need to. He could’ve easily said it’s over, let’s play. Did I say anything about the team going in there saying nice things? No, I didn’t. I said the team goes in there with comps and a statistical analysis which is quantifiable data, hard to argue with numbers. That’s how a professional organization does arbitration and I’m sure Bert is well aware of the process as he elected for it and has an agent plus former NHL family members. So again, I ask do you have any source to support your speculation? Ive provided words straight from Bertuzzi’s &amp; Yzerman’s mouth and CBA verbiage. Even if he does leave it’s not the end of the word, he’s not a core piece that’s going to derail Detroit’s rebuild. If anything it would allow Yzerman the opportunity to get assets back that are better aligned with our new core (Seider, Raymond, Zadina, Larkin). I’m just merely commenting on your post because you’re saying opinions like they’re facts.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PerpetuallySad</b></div><div>If he chose to play, he could have played, this is my point. Clearance does not = LTIR exempt

Most AHL point leaders are older, Marody 24, Benson 22 are not. Carter Verheage’s having quite the year no?
Holloway is an untouchable in the org, but if Benny isn’t traded he’s in that spot over Holloway.
The fact the have to quarantine is the only reason I suspect them not being with the oilers now considering our bottom 6 is a joke.

An offer sheet compensation for the current contract is a first+third I believe, which I bet is intriguing for a rebuilding team.</div></div>
You can say that about any injury. I’m sorry but I don’t really think you understand eczema and the extent of how much this can hurt in the condition Hossa was in. Your talking about putting on hockey equipment that soaks in sweat rubbing against skin lesions. Think about having blisters all over your body being constantly rubbed or torn while trying to pull a deke or check another player. Now tell me you’re still playing instead of worrying about your quality of life after hockey when this is a legitimate medical diagnosis. We’re talking about a player that obviously wanted to play which is why he did it for so many years.

Both of them have been putting up great numbers in the AHL for a consistent basis. Why were they on the team last year or the year before in a bottom six role? Your bottom six has been bad for multiple years then. Same could be said for guys like Jeremy Bracco, Reid Bouchard, Sam Anas, Cory Conacher, Teemu Pulkinnen, etc. There isn’t a direct correlation as points don’t tell you if a player has a flaw, for instance, Pulkinnen had a bomb of a slapper but didn’t have the time/space in the NHL to use it but posted good AHL numbers. Verheage is one of how many? Odds aren’t great. So Holloway is untouchable but your two top scoring AHLers aren’t seems to go against your original argument that they’re extremely valuable. What about Savoie, where is his value in comparison?

A first + third is okay, depends on the team and the draft. If you tell me it will be a teen pick in 2022 I’m more interested than 32OVR but again it brings up the issue I noted of having 50M cap space next year. We need to hit the floor and ice a team.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PerpetuallySad</b></div><div>Except he played with that condition for years, I know it wasn’t nice but it wasn’t like he wasn’t medically cleared to play. He could if he wanted to, because he did. Juss saying someone can’t go on LTIR cause they’re medically cleared is wrong, that was my point.

Edmonton has around 27m , Wings are also rebuilding and idk if you wanna be paying biggg dollars long term through a rebuild, but maybe he does. I know Holland wouldn’t OS, but that’s what I state in the description. I know he wont do most of this. Prolly should peep the top AHL scorers, young kids tearing up the A are absolutely real assets :)</div></div>
Eczema can progressively get worse so even if you had a couple years ago doesn’t make it the same now. He has to get bi-weekly blood tests to monitor side effects from the drugs he was taking dating back to 2013 or so. Eventually the medication wasn’t as effective and he has lesions and puss over his body. Did you know in the CBA that not only a team doctor needed to sign off on this but an independent doctor from the NHL also has to? I get it, I’m a Wings fan so I don’t want the Hawks “getting out of contracts” but this is a legit medical issue so I’m not sure how you can say he was medically cleared when he wasn’t by multiple doctors.

Just a quick glance at Detroit next year we have 7 signed and ~50M in cap space so we have to spend big to hit the floor.

Just because you can score in the AHL doesn’t mean you can hack it in the NHL. Take a look at the John B. Sollenberger Trophy winners. I’ve actually watched both of them play in Bakersfield in prior years as my parents lived there and had season tickets so I’m well aware of who they are. If you value them so highly how about switching them out for Holloway?
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