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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>If Detroit fans wanted Holtz or Mercer to move down from #8 to #66...they should expect to pay a similar amount to get from #8 to #2.

Or...if Detroit fans are willing to take a 2nd rounder and middling prospect to jump down from #66 to #8...then, by all means, offer the same to move up from #8 to #2.

Make sense now?

(Devils not interested in #8 pick, nor moving Mercer or Holtz).</div></div>
Post 24, articulates my point from another chart.

If pick 2 is worth 12.3 and pick 8 is worth 6.7 the delta is 5.6 (no one cares about third round picks when discussing blue chip prospects/roster players). Raymond and Edvinsson have done nothing but increase their value since draft day and we’re selected 4 &amp; 6 respectively which would be more than the delta. If NJD offered either Mercer or Holtz 1:1 for 8th I’d take that without question but the real question would be what in addition to 8th would be appropriate value.

Detroit asking for Mercer or Holtz for 8th overall because they need top 6/4 guys and not depth guys. Detroit has had ~11 picks in the draft for multiple years and not enough spots for all the prospects which is why they’ve moved guys like Regula. So what incentive would their be for Detroit to trade the pick? I’m not sure what offers you’re referring to but I’d offer something like 8th + Wallinder/Johansson for 2nd or 8th + 2023 1st (protected) to give you an idea. I wouldn’t overpay for the pick but I think that’s a fair offer unless we differ on those prospects potential.