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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 11 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I'd never dispute that it wasn't rare, but we have seen instances of deeper teams lacking the immediate star power push hard in the playoffs. The 2006 Oilers, Vegas' first year in the league (at least on paper to start the season), the 2016-17 Predators. The 2017 Senators even come to mind, where more of their roster strengths came from the back-end and a rag-tag group of good-but-not-great set of forwards accompanied by Mark Stone.

I'm aware none of these teams won, but they got pretty damn close. Centermen of that calibre are neither easy to find nor are they readily available: unless the Senators are in the running for Lambert, Savoie, or Wright during next year's draft, they might have to take the less-travelled route and insulate their #2C-calibre pivots with high-end wingers and defenders.</div></div>

Agreed, but I think it was a mistake of their drafting with so many top picks recently and in the near future to not target a high end C. Trying to build from the wing is REALLY hard to do, and essentially never done succesfully besides perhaps Ovi, but he is a generational talent (with all respect to Stuetzle and Tkachuk they are not on Ovi's level) and he got Backstrom.

Of the teams you mentioned Oilers were more of a cinderella run, the Predators were built around their defense more than wingers. Vegas was that team deep at C with no top end, I give you them. 2016 Sens I give you too.

But in general forward corps should be built around C's first, and Ottawa has had a lot of kicks at the can and hasn't seemed to aim for it. I'm BPA, but if position ever comes up, I go C, then likely D then W. Goalies are crapshoots, so I am extremely hesitant to choose them early.

But elite wingers that drive the game are somewhat rare (certainly exist though), but elite wingers good enough to drive the game themselves without a top end C are really rare, and likely number less than 15.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I fundamentally agree with the logic, but Sanderson wasn't the 4th best player available last year. All signs should have pointed to Ottawa taking Raymond. If all that's really missing from the long-term core of young Senators is another top-six RW and maybe a more sure thing in net, I'd be taking a much longer look at Guenther, who just ranked tied for 2nd on today's TSN midseason draft.

A parallel to the business side of the game, money now is worth more than money tomorrow. Power checks a lot of boxes, but the Sens have a comparable player in Sanderson and an organizational need. Can you get fair value in a trade if the loser of Sanderson/Power doesn't come as advertised? Do you eliminate as much risk as possible and take from a position of need knowing there isn't a massive disparity between the 1st and 3rd picks this year? In a vacuum, having Sanderson-Power long term is a phenomenal problem to have, but the presence of Brannstrom and Chabot makes such a luxury gratuitously excessive. Taking another premier defender more or less tells your scouts that you don't trust them to identify forward talent and that you'd rather gamble on development curves.

Now, all that said, I'm operating under the guise of the Senators not having the #1 pick in this draft, which may be a bit dishonest for this kind of exercise. I'm kind of anticipating the Sens to fall closer to #5 or #6 overall, as I suspect they'll catch up and pass the Devils and Ducks rather handily. The Canucks and Red Wings are starting to look in range too.

If they end up with the #1 pick, and it was entirely up to me, I'd be taking Guenther. You have the horses on the back end and I prefer to refrain from taking defenders 1st overall. A name like Dahlin may be the exception, but I think both the Panthers and Sabres would be much happier with Draisaitl and Svechnikov than their respective 1st overall defenders. Ekblad's great, and Dahlin will get there, but the payout in terms of value and production vastly favours forwards.</div></div>

A few different responses for a great but long post

Seems like you are arguing (and I'll defer to you as I didn't follow that closely last year) that Sanderson wasn't BPA last year anyway. So fair enough.

In regards to forwards over d, I'll disagree a bit and say C's over both.

I think Ottawa's biggest lack unless stuetzle moves to c is high end C's. It's really hard to win without them