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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Affectionate_Side_64</b></div><div>Fair enough, I guess my criticism is that IMO you need to add a 2C to be competitive now and in the future. The avs should be the kind of team who'd be going all in on that even if it costs additional assets to make it fit within your cap. Why not explore the cost of turning Rjo into someone like Scheifele, Lindholm or even Backlund? I just really don't think RJo is it, and if I didn't think the Avs would greatly increase their cup odds immediately after making the right move then I wouldn't bother.</div></div>

And I get that RyJo's recent returns are TERRIBLE. He was hurt a lot of last year and when he was playing he didn't produce like at all. But me (and other Avs fans) have built up some trust with our front office and it they think he can be the 2C I'm going to trust them.

It's a weak comparison, but when we traded for Naz he had 44 points in 73 games and RyJo had 28 in 55. The same questions about 2C were being asked about Naz and he stepped up big time. So yes, we're being hopeful about this season but there's some good reason for that hope. What I also have faith in is that if the RyJo experiment is a complete bust I will bet money that we see Sammy G traded for a replacement before January. Bednar kept mixing things up last year until he found a grouping that worked and last year's team FAR outperformed expectations. So yeah, we could try and get a super upgrade at 2C, but I trust this FO to make the right calls.
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