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Ryan Miller Is God
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18 fév 2019
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8 jun 1995
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Forum: Armchair-GM16 oct 2020 à 15 h 11
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>This whole coronavirus situation is so dumb. The thing is less deadly than the common flu.

I get it spreads fast and could be an issue. But suspending play is ridiculous. Maybe play in empty arenas, but why suspend play lol. Makes no sense.

American media is a joke, they blow everything so out of proportion. Unless you’re living in poor living conditions and/or have a poor immune system. You won’t die. Like this **** is so dumb. Media blows it up and people erupt into a panic. Just use common sense, wash your hands and practice good hygiene you’ll be fine. You can’t let a stupid disease dictate your life.

I remember when SARS was a HUUUGE concern but it was like the most blown up thing ever. Same thing is happening here.</div></div>

SARS didn't seem like a big deal because the world health community got on top of it quickly, and the disease didn't have the ability to spread so easily as COVID-19. It killed roughly 10% of everyone who got it. Meanwhile the flu has a mortality rate of 0.002% (in 2017). Coronavirus is sitting anywhere from 2-3%, which can easily be in the tens of millions if we let it just spread like wildfire. Sure it's not gonna be a big deal to most healthy people who get it, but it's selfish in the face of everyone battling diabetes, heart/respiratory issues, cancer, or any other condition that makes life-threatening complications likely.

The real issue is letting this disease overwhelm hospitals. It's happening in Italy, where too many critical people go to the hospital without enough beds, and especially ventilators used to keep people with pneumonia alive. The United States only has 3 beds per 1000 people. If we don't stall the virus, there will 100% not be enough beds for everyone who needs it, and people will die from that.

I have zero problem with the NHL shutting down tomorrow. If it keeps even a handful of chemo kids or diabetics alive, it'll be worth it.