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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>This is the close to an ideal offseason to me but the minor moves I dont really agree with. DOnt see OBrian or Belle being re-signed since Avs have so much ELC depth already chomping at the bit to to make the roster.

Compher isnt a black hole unmovable contract that avs have to retain and get little back for as hes made out to believe, His issue was he cant play 3C, back on the Wing he is back doing what he is doing and has looked much better since returning from injury. 25+ games at 3C this year doesnt trump his career to this point and what he has doing back on the wing. Dont give him away for nothing

I can see Avs re-signing Jojo though as the 3rd goalie, Hes been good for them and with Frankie having hip surgery now, dont want to trust Miska as the back up again

I do wonder about EJ and if he is goign to be in close to retirement after this injury, His body is failing him and he Needs to start thinking life after hockey.</div></div>

Compher is fine, but he is overpaid and it could be tough to move contracts. I would hate to lose Saad because of Compher, especially with the emergence of O'Connor, so this is an option.

JoJo is definitely re-signed. I just didn't do it here since it wouldn't show up anyway. As for O'Brien, I don't care about him so much as just having a relatively capable 13th forward that doesn't miss out on development by sitting in the press box. It could be anyone that's cheap.

Hopefully that at least explains some of the logic.
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