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i haven’t done much research on guys outside the top 15 yet, but why would we select hughes? between some combination of chabot/sanderson/brannstrom/jbd/zub/thomson our top 4 should be set for a while, and the 3rd pair is of less concern, but even then the 2 leftover guys, kleven, and guenette could fill those roles internally so our blueline is in pretty good shape looking forward. i think it’s far more important to add a top talent up front (we have holes at 1C and 1RW if stutzle stays on the LW, and if stutzle proves he’s a great 1C then we still have holes at 2LW and 1RW), and our 1st should be used on one of beniers/guenther/eklund/johnson imo. the only D i’d consider is clarke, making brannstrom expendable in a prospect swap for a top F prospect (like frost or tippett).

as for the 2nd round, i really think the sens should start this draft with 3 forwards or 2 forwards and a goalie, so i like that both the guys you mentioned are forwards. Dean seems like exactly the type of guy the sens love drafting in that spot (similar to greig/pinto in that there is top 6 upside but even in the worst case he should still be a reliable bottom 6 contributor). Korczak might be a little small though, the sens have made 5 picks in the 2nd over the last two drafts and all 5 guys were at least 6’2”, there has been a real emphasis on size by the organization. i wouldn’t mind them taking cossa, as i don’t think you can ever have too many promising young goalies in your pipeline, they’re so fickle. i also think only gustavsson/sogaard have starter upside rn, so cossa would add to that, and between those 3 i think there’s a good shot a high-end starter emerges, which is so critical for a team that wants to contend. the rest of our guys (hogberg/daccord/mandolese) i don’t see projecting as more than solid tandem level guys at best atm, although i’d love to be proved wrong. merilainen is still magic beans until he gets some experience in the liiga and the ahl but his U20 stats are obviously superb
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>Ok so its pretty obvious that Calgary went on that small win streak after the Sutter hiring then the hype faded. I wonder if this new look they are showing is just Sutter fully implementing his system. God this team is such a tease, I had finally started to accept the lottery pick spot and was looking at who we may take at 5-8.

Anyways really happy with the performance of the new lines and pairings overall. That 1 goal against tonight was a poor line change decision by Andersson but that also means they never put us under any sustained pressure.

Before the season started I had said they probably swap to Hanifin - Andersson as the top pair before season end so that we can stop relying on Gio so heabily and let the young guys take over. I think doing so has really made our blue line more consistent. Hanifin hasn't lost a step with his new partner (now 10 points in 18 games since Ward was fired) and the Tanev has covered for Gio's regression very well. I think by next year it may be a good idea to put Valimaki with Tanev (Hughes treatment) and reduce Gio's EV minutes on the 3rd pair, afaik Boston did this with Chara as well.</div></div>
I agree with everything you said here. I honestly think it's better for our long term outlook to not make the playoffs this year though, I'd rather pick in the top 10 and hope an impact forward prospect is available. Unless we trade our 1st in a package for eichel lol
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