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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensibleguy</b></div><div>Sanderson is likely to only spend one season at UND, which is best case scenario. He's not NHL ready, so he needs at least a few months in the AHL, best case scenario, longer possibly. After he does make it to the NHL, it will be a season and a half before he's really a stable enough NHL defenceman to play on the 2nd pair minutes, which puts his 2nd pair timeline at about TDL 22/23, or opening day 23/24. That's two seasons away, and someone needs to play 2nd pair minutes, compently, until then.

I don't mind getting a Marcus Pettersson, and have him push Sanderson to take the 2nd pair spot away, and still be around during Sanderson's ELC contract. If Sanderson signs this offseason, then they can have a higher cap hit defenceman that's signed through 23/24, the third year of Sanderson's ELC, again, if he signs this offseason.

Pettersson is signed through 24/25, which means one of Chabot or Pettersson gets traded at the 23/24 TDL.

There's a chance Dorion trades for Vince Dunn, because they aren't very good at professional scouting, so unfortunately it's possible. If they pull it off, Dunn will be coming in hot...</div></div>
I wouldn’t hate Pettersson but I also see him as a legitimate 2nd pair guy that can handle 20 mins in all situations so that’s fine, and I agree it would be good to ease Sanderson in. Dunn’s a sheltered, 3rd pair PP specialist, I don’t know why we’d trade for him when we already have Wolanin/Brannstrom who can play that role.
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