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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>"prodigious rate" lol thanks for making me laugh

Mangiapane scored at a rate of 1.24 goals/60 at 5v5 last season, per NaturalStatTrick. That's 24th in the league (minimum 100 mins played). That's undoubtedly very good but he also shot at 19.8% at 5v5 which obviously isn't sustainable. "Prodigious"? Lol you're having a laugh.

For reference Donskoi scored at 1.2 goals/60 at 5v5 last season. Is he a prodigy too?</div></div>
If you filter by 400+ mins TOI (fairly standard to remove guys like Jeannot and Bunting that have a few good games out of like 15, generally I go 5 or 6 hundred but 4 seems good in a short year, don’t mind including Gallagher) he finished 18th at 1.24 G/60. Extend it to include 19-20 and he’s tied for 20th at 1.14 G/60. These are his first two full seasons in the league. Extending it back to include the half season he played in 18-19 brings him back up to 18th at 1.13 G/60. It’s pretty safe to say this is just how he produces, and that it’s not a fluke, he’s sustained it for literally his whole career to date. If anything the fact that he’s produces at this rate in his first 2-3 years with 3rd line quality linemates (most common this season were Lucic and Backlund) indicates that his potential is even higher.

Complement his sustainable high rate of even strength scoring with some better linemates, increased ice time, and power play time and it’s pretty safe to assume he could blossom into a 30 goal scorer. Combine this with the fact that he’s fast, responsible defensively, a great penalty killer, and under contract for less than 2.5mil with RFA team control at the end and you’ve got a guy that any team would be mad to give up if they’re trying to be competitive. Especially for a pick that will likely be 32nd and a B prospect.
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Sujet: Mangiapane