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Red Wings
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7 sep 2020
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Red Wings de Detroit
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Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 15 h 27
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 15 h 11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alaskan_RedWing</b></div><div>Problem is that VAN is in real trouble right now with the Cap and Expansion draft coming up. For next season your project cap space is $17 million, but you have to resign 5 RFAs, 4 UFAs (1 of which is your very good goaltender in Markstrom). Now based on Evolving-Hockey's contract projections, a conservative guess is that it will take ~$15 million for those 8 FA not including the goalie, which Markstrom will get $4-5 million on the open market. You could let Markstrom walk, but now you are hoping Demko is ready (looks like he is, but who knows). You still have to make a decision on whether you want to protect Demko or DiPietro in the expansion draft, might as well get something out of one of them which for VAN would be getting rid of Ericsson's awful contract. Don't forget you also have to sign Elias Petterson (think $10-12 million a year), Quinn Hughes (A lot) and Thatcher Demko as well the following year.

TLDR; You have a ton of young talent that needs to be signed to very expensive contracts with a flat cap and players like Ericsson and Sven taking up valuable space. DET will take those for a goalie you cannot protect in the Expansion draft or a first-round draft pick.</div></div>

I would expect VAN to resign Marky to 6M without giving him a NTC/NMC.
TT may be resigned at 5M
Tanev might walk as well as Stetcher
Resign Gaudette, Motte, MacEwen to contracts between 1-2M, Gaudette would be slightly higher
Ferland is most likely LTIR

I can see Virtanen being traded in the off season

By the time they need to resign EP and Hughes'. You have Sutter's, Baertschi, Edler, Pearson's contracts that are expired
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 15 h 13
Eriksson - Before Demko mania started, a lot of Red Wings and Canucks fans agreed that a Eriksson + Demko + 2nd could work however Demko will now be insanely overvalued, at least on Cap Friendly. I'd be willing to drop the 2nd to a 3rd/4th now, but I don't think Canucks fans will be on board with this trade anymore. If Demko isn't involved, I'd want a 1st coming back to Detroit with maybe a mid-round pick or prospect with equivalent value involved.

Baertschi - Probably a mid-round pick to dump.

Steen - The Blues won't move him unless they have to but I think fair value would be a 1st coming to Detroit with a 3rd going back. I've seen some Blues fans say they would be okay with this but only as a last resort to clear cap for Pietrangelo.

Turris - Not too sure about him. I've seen a lot of trades with Nashville using their 1st (11OA) to dump Turris but Predators fans have made it clear that they don't like that trade.

Alzner - I think Montreal will keep him since they're not that desperate for cap but I'd try and get a late 1st or two 2nds (preferably at least one of them from a bad team).

Russell - I'd want a late 2nd or 3rd to take him on but a better team that values him more as a player could take him for less and I don't think the Oilers would be willing to pay that price.

Ladd - I don't even know what I'd want for him. He's an interesting one since he could go on LTIR soon but you can't assume he will. The fact that he has 3 years left makes me want to stay away from him (I'd much prefer taking on guys with 1 or 2 years left). I wouldn't take him for less than two 1st's, or one 1st + a prospect with equivalent value to a 1st. I think the Islanders would be better off waiting a year to trade him.

Boychuk - I'd ask for a 1st + mid-round pick or prospect with equivalent value.