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Red Wings
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7 sep 2020
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Red Wings de Detroit
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Forum: Armchair-GM 8 sep 2020 à 19 h 22
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 15 h 37
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TowelPower</b></div><div>I would expect VAN to resign Marky to 6M without giving him a NTC/NMC.
TT may be resigned at 5M
Tanev might walk as well as Stetcher
Resign Gaudette, Motte, MacEwen to contracts between 1-2M, Gaudette would be slightly higher
Ferland is most likely LTIR

I can see Virtanen being traded in the off season

By the time they need to resign EP and Hughes'. You have Sutter's, Baertschi, Edler, Pearson's contracts that are expired</div></div>

Good analysis, but I disagree on a couple fronts:

1. Tyler Toffoli is getting $6+ and that is pretty clear based on the market. Evolving Hockey (which has been a little low so far) has him at $6.5, so I would expect $7 tbh.
2. I like Stetcher, but think it is the right move to let him walk if he wants more than $1.5. Tanev walking would be a mistake in my mind but your call.
3. I think Motte goes $1.5, showed how valuable he was in the playoffs and I think he could be an awesome depth player. Gaudette gets $1.3 for 2 years on Evolving Hockey's prediction.
4. I think Ferland tries to play next year, even though he shouldn't but him going on the LTIR would be helpful.
5. Most important disagreement: Even if you lose all those contracts, you are still going to have to sign good players if you want to compete. Yes, you will have $39m in cap space in 2021 when you have to sign Hughes, Pettersson and Demko. Those three players will take up $22 million in cap space and that is a very conservative guess. Now you are spending $64m on 11 players, which is 79% of your cap space and still have to add another 15 roster players with $17m in cap space. That is cap hell to me
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 15 h 22
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Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 14 h 52
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GeauxPreds1</b></div><div>Here’s the thing Nashville doesn’t have to move Turris they aren’t in cap trouble. When hynes took over and he started giving Turris the minutes he needed his point production started improving have 13 points in 23 games. He was in the 4th line the majority of the season. How many 4th line players do you know that can put up a lot of points playing 4th line minutes and with 4th line players. I’m not saying Turris still has value where we can get something for him but asking for the 11th pick isn’t going to happen because we really don’t have to get rid of him because of cap</div></div>

Those are fair points, but you are going to be in a cap crunch real soon. NSH needs to sign 6 players next season with $9.5 in cap space. The next season they need to sign another 5 players (including 2 goalies) with only $12 million in cap space. Good luck doing that and still being competitive. On the other hand if you want to start a rebuild then yeah you are fine, just go sign a bunch of $1-2 million borderline AHL players to sneak under the cap. NSH has $45 million committed over the next 4 years for 7 players, which would have been fine if the cap had not been locked in at $81.5. Now you have more than half of your cap space spent of 7 players, one of which is Kyle Turris who is the oldest of the bunch and playing 3rd and 4th line minutes. Source: <a href="https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/predators">https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/predators</a>
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 13 h 44
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 sep 2020 à 13 h 35
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Tampa quickly declines. First, while Johnson will likely be asked to waive his ntc, Detroit will very, very likely not be a team he's willing to go to. Secondly, his value is more than a cap dump, as he is a player averaging 47.33 points a year his last 3 before this year. While this year has been down for his standards, his reduced ice time has certainly played a role in that. He is a .6 ppg player over his career, so his 5 million price tag is not overpaid. If he does agree to be traded somewhere, yes Tampa will be restricted in the number of teams they can work with, but Johnson should still return in the range of a 2nd or 3rd. He gets a better role in a location of his choice and avoids having to submit a 20 team trade list after next season. Finally, if he and his new team aren't a fit or they want to flip him for value after a good year or expose him to Seattle to protect other players deemed more important, then that option would still be open after next season. Tampa won't be adding sweeteners and giving him away for nothing.</div></div>

As mentioned previously, I have no problem with TBL fans loving Tyler Johnson, but the reality is that he has no value for the size and length of his contract. TBL have better young players that are significantly cheaper or could go acquire better players for less and shorter terms. From an unbiased standpoint his xGAR, GAR and SPAR are poor, on par with the likes of Loui Ericsson, Joe Thorton and worse than Patrick Nemeth and Zach Bogosian. Tampa is in a win-now mode and continuing to pay Johnson for 4 more years would be a mistake, better off to move him instead of paying $5 million per year for a Replacement level forward.