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17 avr 2016
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Silkysmooth42</b></div><div>A few things:

1. Tuukka for 5 years? come on
2. Krejci is gonna be cheaper than RNH by a bit so might as well stick with him until he shows signs of slowing down.
3. Carlo for 4 years is a problem, either another bridge to take him to 26 years old or you lock him up... (6 or 7 years at 5-5.5 million)
4. It depends on this year obviously but Hall isnt gonna be that cheap. Also bruins probably dont want him (you are screwed trying to resign McAvoy, Studnicka, Debrusk, etc...)
5. What is the point in bringing in Oleksiak? Zboril and Lauzon are doing just fine
6. Not gonna trade away Smith after 1 year after they just signed him lol
7. Ritchie die?
8. No Taxi Squad next year (im guessing you meant to just scratch them)

And now for my opinion (take it or leave it lol):
1. Brian Elliot is unnecessary. could just use Vladar

but yeah points 1-8 r just things you gotta work on / fix up lol</div></div>

That's for the input.

1. Tuukka would be 38 when this deal would be done so yeah come on lets do it!!!
2. Yes I did think about that but for how long and you missed out on the next C for the next 6 years because you wanted to hold on.
3. I like the idea of locking him up so I think your right on that end.
4. I also say you never know unless you make the offer and you never know where a players head is at. Maybe he does take less to be with an org. like the Bruins.
5. I really like his size and he plays bottom 6 mins but could see him moving up to the top 4 so for that money yes good deal but could we just rock with Zboril and Lauzon yes. It's worth a relook on my end.
6. I like Smith hard working ect but his deal just did not work in this lineup.
7. Completely forgot about Ritchie:scream What do you think of a 4th line Ritchie, Frederic, and Wags? If I bring in Ritchie then Bjork has got to go.
8. Yes overlooked that.
9. I did have him in then said I want someone with playoff experience but your right I could put him in.