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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>well, you might think that way about scratches, but NHL teams don't. the vast majority of teams at least start the year with a 23 man roster. there are currently three teams running a 21 man roster. one of them is the knights, with 6 guys on LTIR and $0 in cap space, and the other two are the blackhawks and sharks. they have ample cap space, so i would assume its just a temporary paper transaction thing. The reason for this is weird stuff happens all the time. Guys pull a muscle in warmups. Guys get sick. And guess what? sometimes those emergency call ups might be across the continent playing in their own games. teams run with 23 man rosters. it just is what it is. that includes your maple leafs FYI. so no, i don't agree to disagree on that. you're just objectively wrong.

and ya, the left side is a mess. everones playing a line too high. Trenin isn't a guy you want in your top six. Knies is probably a guy you want on your third line. he's struggling.

The bruins were smart enough to heavily invest in their D, that's because that's how they build their team. their best player is their top d man, and then they managed to get other guys on really good contracts. they were able to invest in their d like this because they don't have four forwards making north of $10M. The bruins top line center is getting paid less than half of what the leafs second line center is getting paid - and guess who is performing better offensively and defensively?

you can expect whatever you want out of bruins fans, i'm pretty objective here. this current version of the leafs is in danger of missing the playoffs. i don't think that's very good. I don't think going to get a d man to pay at the top of the market, sacrificing a full roster, depth, and creating a situation where the team is very thin at the forward ranks is going to help. on that, we can agree to disagree if you'd like.</div></div>

Objectively wrong? Lol. How did last year's cup winners start the season? With a 20 man roster. Great example of why that just can't work, or the opposite? Coyle is playing with Marchand and pastrnak, just as trenin would be playing with matthews and marner. Trenin is a similar player to Frédéric, who's in your top 6 now. Look who knies is playing with as well.

Our forwards aren't going to be the issue, because of the investment in the forward group you just alluded to.

We're currently 5th in the league in goals for and have the 3rd ranked PP. It's our defense and PK that needs improving, and I think I've done that with this roster.

If you're objective enough to agree that this roster is possible, then we disagree that this team would suck. You still have room for 21 players if you so choose, and realistically 22 with trenin likely being valued at 2.5 mil.

I'm going to leave it at that.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>alright well here are your problems:
1. 20 man rosters aren't a thing. so at bare minimum, you'll need another d man, and two scratches, but probably three. so factor in four more roster players.
2. you really think martin jones is going to take league minimum, and that no other team is going to beat that offer? factor in the high tax of toronto, and teams in the states matching that offer is going to be more beneficial to him.
3. maybe max domi takes that deal, maybe he doesn't.
4. now lets get into the actual lineup. the entire LW depth is playing at least one line higher than they should be.

so the first issue is that it doesn't work. the second issue is that if you can massage it so it does, it kind of stinks.</div></div>

3 scratches? One scratch is more than enough. You realize there's something called emergency call ups right? We didn't carry any scratches going into this season this either. Absolute worst case is you have to play a game a man down, which at most happens maybe once or twice in a season? See Vegas last year.

Domi has made clear that he wants to stay.

Trenin is a complimentary puck retriever / net front presence for MATTHEWS and MARNER, I think that line will be OK. For the record, knies is playing there now, and is a capable top 6 player.

You're really going to bring up forwards playing too high up the lineup? The bruins were smart enough to invest heavily in their D as well, seems to be working out OK.

As for this team sucking, I wouldn't expect a bruins fan to say anything else. Agree to disagree i guess?
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