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30 jun 2016
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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 5:45 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mamlaahd</b></div><div>Carolina are not looking to swap top-6 forwards they are looking to add. Why would Carolina give St.Louis a healthy Nino for an injured Tarasenko, that literally makes zero sense. I think Gunler (considered a top-15 prospect in 2020 draft, he fell due to attitude) and a 1st for Tarasenko is good aslong as we can get half of his salary retained, but I want to move Martinook so bad because I want Drury to play on the 4th line. Drury played good in a league that is better than the AHL, so it literally makes zero sense for him to play there. It's just very confusing.</div></div>

Yeah, the half-retained route is something I think Armstrong should be looking at at this point.

Maybe it's semantics, but Tarasenko isn't injured. He had surgeries on his shoulder to correct an injury, and there is concern that the shoulder might never be 100%, but it isn't like he's on LTIR or questionable if he'll return. Anyone with interest is checking out his medical records and know what they're getting. When he played this past season, his movement and physical game looked fine, he just had trouble making plays at NHL pace from missing so much time. I expect Vladdy to put up better numbers than Nino, not to slight Nino or anything because he's a good player, but Tarasenko will finally be coming off of a full offseason and he'll have a lot to prove this year. If he didn't request a trade, I wouldn't bring up a 1-for-1 trade like that.
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