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Forum: Armchair-GM8 juill. 2022 à 0 h 34
For what it's worth, I think it's a good deal.

I know it's not the most scientific way to do it, but here's what #13 has yielded in the decade from 2009-2018(skipping the last 3 years because all of those guys would still be on their ELCs at this point):

2009: Zack Kassian (201 pts in 690 GP, just cap-dumped to Arizona tonight)
2010: Brandon Gormley (5 pts in 58 GP, out of the NHL by 2016)
2011: Sven Baertschi (138 pts in 292 GP, never caught on anywhere)
2012: Radek Faksa (161 pts in 483 GP - solid D but not much O)
2013: Josh Morrissey (166 pts in 423 GP, let's circle back)
2014: Jakub Vrana (187 pts in 321 GP, injuries piling up)
2015: Jakob Zboril (12 pts in 54 GP, the first of the famed Boston 3 picks)
2016: Jake Bean (37 pts in 111 GP, already traded once and rumored to be on the move again)
2017: Nick Suzuki (143 pts in 209 GP, looks like an easy stud at this point)
2018: Ty Dellandrea (5 pts in 27 GP, picked right before Joel Farabee - ouch!)

So 10 picks - 2 busts, 3 solid middle 6 guys, 3 guys without enough track record yet but not looking good (Zboril/Bean/Dellandrea) and Suzuki and Morrissey. Morrissey is the most interesting comp because obviously he's the type of guy you'd want to target - he's a solid LD2 and would have easily filled that hole on the Island. But he was drafted in 2013 at 13OA and didn't become a full time player until 2016 - finishing 2 years in the CHL and 1 AHL season before becoming a regular. Even if Josh Morrissey 2.0 was waiting for the Isles at #13 tonight, they'd probably be looking at a similar timeline - by trading #13 for Romanov they basically paid some extra value to accelerate that timeline to Opening Night 2022-23.
Forum: Armchair-GM2 juill. 2022 à 13 h 18
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BURGHgirl</b></div><div>There is a little more to his story. He played for CSKA which is owned by the government and it's players are considered members of the military (the A stands for army). Fedotov told the team he was quitting to play in the NHL. They declared him AWOL and arrested him. I just saw that he was taken away in an ambulance, but who knows if that's accurate. Russian isn't going to allow it's national team goalie to abandon the military to go to the US right now. They are conducting annual conscription right now and are struggling to man the front lines. I suspect they will probably make an example of him</div></div>

I think hockey CSKA is no longer affiliated with the military that much, thus they get no extemptions. If that was the case, he would have already fulfilled his duty (in Russia the service is 1 year). We do not have the info about why he was taken by the ambulance, but this might very well be the advice of his legal team (say for getting an exemptions due to health issues. For instance, simulating brain concussion is a renowned way to avoid getting drafted since it is usually diagnosed symptomatically without using any modern tools so you can fake the symptoms). The fact that he was arrested is surprising to me. I myself passed through the process of getting an exemption due to leaving the country to study in the US and that is pretty easy. You just go there, write a paper and thats it. The fact that he was taken means that he did not do that despite having all the money for lawyers who could advise him on the issue. Btw, we are not playing international sports for a couple of years, so I doubt we need him in goals against Belarus and Russia U21. His case would go to the civil court, which means that the docs would be available online on the court’s website. If you want, I will translate them to you once they are out.
Forum: Armchair-GM23 juin 2022 à 8 h 51