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Cole Caufield Scouting Report

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Created: 21 févr. 2022
Updated: 22 févr. 2022
Talent Type: Professional
Position scouted: Ailier droit
Age when scouted: 21
Projection: Top Six
Trending: Étendu
Anniversaire: 2 janv. 2001
Taille: 5' 8 | 173 cm
Poids: 176 lbs | 80 kg
Repêché: 15 overall, 2019 round 1 (Logo de Canadiens de Montréal MTL)
Contrat: 3 925 000 $ over 3 years (Cap hit: 880 833 $)
It's been a struggle this season
The entire team around him has had a tough year
This player is much better than his stats reflect
Easily identified. He's a shooter. Elite hands in tight space. Quick release. A threat on the PP.
At even strength he has struggled to be involved enough offensively. Not enough touches. Not enough results for a player with his offensive element.
He will always lean offense and have some holes in his game defensively.
When he's not scoring, or at the very least a threat to score, he blends into the game
Has time on his side to improve his overall detail
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2021-22Laval RocketAHL6235-60
2021-22Montreal CanadiensNHL67232043-2410
2020-21Laval RocketAHL231410
2020-21USA U20WJC-207235-12
2020-21Univ. of WisconsinNCAA3130225294
2020-21Montreal CanadiensNHL10415-12
2019-20USA U20WJC-205112-20
2019-20Univ. of WisconsinNCAA36191736-36
  • Compete/Consistency: 35
  • Defensive Zone Starts: 20
  • Hockey IQ: 53
  • Penalty Kill: 0
  • Power Play: 70
  • Physicality: 23
  • Puck Moving/Passing: 50
  • Shot: 80
  • Skating: 67
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency, Hockey IQ, Skating
  • 12%: Puck Moving/Passing
  • 8%: Shot
  • 4%: Defensive Zone Starts, Offensive Zone Starts, Penalty Kill, Power Play, Physicality