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Clarification on Player Rights Expiration Dates

13 août 2017 à 9 h 43
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What determines the duration that a team gets to hold on to a drafted player's rights is a little confusing, but this is how I understand that it works, as of now:

- CHL players get 2 years (and there's the whole shenanigans with 18- and 19-year-old players not being eligible for the AHL).
- NCAA players get 4 years (or 5, if they play in a league like the USHL for a year).
- Players from most European leagues get 4 years.
- Because the KHL (and its associated junior league) and the NLA (and its associated junior league) don't have a transfer agreement in place, rights for players drafted from those leagues are indefinite.
- Any player drafted from a league without a transfer agreement that plays in a North American league the year after gets 4 years (or 5, if they play in the NCAA). (This explains how the rights to players like Fabrice Herzog, Mārtiņš Dzierkals, Kārlis Čukste, and Vasili Glotov now somehow have expiration dates.)
- If a player was on loan to the CHL from a European league without a transfer agreement in their draft year, their rights remain indefinite. (I think this is how Pavel Karnaukhov has indefinite rights, despite having played in the WHL in his draft and draft + 1 year.)

Is there anything that I'm missing or have incorrect?
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