Mock Draft with Dubois trade

Mock Draft with Dubois trade

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The worst-kept secret will be that Pierre-Luc Dubois will be a Montreal Canadien this summer. Rather than lose him for nothing, the Jets should trade him.


Jets get:
Christian Dvorak
14th pick
Logan Mailloux
Riley Kidney

Canadiens get:
Pierre-Luc Dubois
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27 mars à 3 h 17
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Love Barlow, remind me of Pacioretty. But if MTL is to trade for 6'3 Dubois, i think they would draft Benson, a smaller but more skilled player than Barlow.
27 mars à 11 h 57
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i doubt mailloux will be involved in any trade. Barrron is more likely
27 mars à 12 h 48
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Quoting: drambui
i doubt mailloux will be involved in any trade. Barrron is more likely

I think it would be the opposite, Barron is already in the NHL, Mailloux has at least 3 years before he reaches the league, Barron and Mailloux also have a similar ceiling, unless you're arguing the Jets would want Barron over Mailloux, I don't see it
27 mars à 13 h 25
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a pld trade would look like
Jets gets: Dvorak, habs 2nd in 2023, Kidney.
MTL gets: PLD
anymore than that is a overpay, yes jets are losers in this deal cuz they got 0 leverage, imo jets are better off selling him at tdl where he could fetch them a first and maybe a top prospect.
28 mars à 16 h 41
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If DET got #2OA, they'd probably draft Fantelli. Their director of scouting is Kris Draper, whose son plays on that UofM team. I'm positive Drapes got to watch him a lot. Understand the Swedish angle, but with UofM being 40 minutes from LCA, I'm sure they got plenty of eyeball time on him.
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