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(NYR/MIN) - Reaves for 2025 5th

Who won the trade?
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23 nov. 2022 à 19 h 24
Steve Durbano Fan
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If Bill Guerin ran a night club, he would hire his bouncers at the local nursing home. Reaves was one of my Favorite players 7 years ago. One would have thought given his contract that it would have been Reaves and a pick for no return.
23 nov. 2022 à 23 h 54
You know nothing JS
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The real winner is Kaprizov that no one is going to touch from now on.

No seriously good cap clearing by NY.
23 nov. 2022 à 23 h 55
Rater of Value
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Fair imo. Reaves don't add much on the ice, but could be a factor off the ice. 5th for him isn't too bad.
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24 nov. 2022 à 1 h 34
Minnesota Wild
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Quoting: draft_em_sign_em_trade_em
How do the Wild have enough cap space for this trade ?

Don't they still owe $250 million to Parise and Suter.

Well, 2 things. We actually came into the year with some of the most cap space in the league (not saying a whole lot, but still something). We recently dropped Tyson Jost via waivers. Since Jost was making $2 million and Reaves is at $1.75 million, we actually come out ahead in terms of cap space from where we were a week ago.

The money starts getting real tight next year though when the buyout cap hits reach their maximum at $14.74 million and we have to give Matt Boldy a new contract. That's why we couldn't re-sign Fiala. The money just wasn't there beyond this season even if we dumped Dumba (who is a UFA this summer).
24 nov. 2022 à 2 h 57
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A 5th round draft pick is close to nothing. The odds of this draft pick playing as many games as Reeves has is close to zero. That said, NYR still win this trade, because Reeves is worth less than zero right now.
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25 nov. 2022 à 11 h 8
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Fair deal for both.
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26 nov. 2022 à 11 h 2
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W for the Rangers
30 nov. 2022 à 2 h 30
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Rangers were too soft before this trade. But right now they need a top six scorer more than a press box enforcer. I assume they'll parlay the freed up cap towards some much-needed offensive firepower. NYR win the trade. But, they still suck. Go Devils.
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