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Nashville Predators signed Jérémy Lauzon (4 Years / $2,000,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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I voted yes because he's only 25 and it's a whatever signing. 2 mil for a 3rd pairing D is not terrible nowadays. People compare this to Poolman, but he was 28 and Lauzon is only 25. Maybe this ages poorly, maybe it doesn't, not that much of a big deal
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I don’t know how good Lauzon is – I’m sure I saw him play for Boston, but I don’t remember him – but if he was worth a mid-2nd round pick a few months ago, $2M AAV seems good. The Preds get four of his best years, which is long enough to be a good return on the pick they gave up, but short enough that there isn’t much downside if he doesn’t pan out.

It could work out well for the player too. Nashville seems like a good place for defensemen to develop (though I don’t know what happened to Philippe Myers), and if he can take his game to the next level he’ll still be young enough to get a better contract next time.
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