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Looking for a replacement GM for Salary Cap League.

16 sept. 2021 à 21 h 49
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16 team - H2H Y with salary cap management done automatically via google sheets.
League is currently drafting for season 14.
Players you draft are kept until you buy them out or they become UFA.
Main = 24 players / Minor = 10 (talking about increasing it to 12 starting next season)
Custom Schedule and utilizes divisions/conferences.
Team that needs replaced finished 5th last season and has been managed well, they are just looking to cut back on the leagues they are in.

Send me a message if you are interested and sorry if this type of topic isn't allowed here.
27 sept. 2021 à 10 h 27
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Rejoint: déc. 2020
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Draft is pretty much done but left a few picks for whomever takes over. Here is a screen cap of the team page that is available.

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