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St. Louis Blues signed Colton Parayko (8 Years / $6,500,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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1 sep à 17 h 31
Hakuna Matata
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Now this is a team friendly deal

Despite all those huge deals ranging from 8.45-9.5mill Blues still managed to get him at a reasonable price

Still though he should fire his agent. Could have got 8mill on open market lul.
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1 sep à 17 h 33
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Wow, Im surprised he didn't test the market to be honest but if he really likes it in STL, good on them getting it done.
1 sep à 17 h 33
Go Habs Go
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Quoting: toque
I really like Parayko as a player, hopefully his back injuries don't come back.

C'mon dude, it was right there! squinty smile
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1 sep à 17 h 51
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Quoting: Hockyluv21
They seem to prefer spreading the wealth here and putting three #2 caliber guys in identical cap hits (Krug/Faulk/Parayko) instead of a true #1.

I feel like this is Armstrong over thinking. He should have just kept Petro/Parayko and ignored Faulk/Krug. Every team that has won the Cup since the Canes in 2006 (including the Blues in '19) has had a legit stud #1 D man on their roster. True, in '17, Letang was hurt, but Dumo locked it down and Schultz played tremendous that year. Can we expect the Blues to win the Cup again in the next 6 years before Krug/Faulk expire?

I would say no, and if they had just kept Petro, they'd be a better team right now.
Saskleaf a aimé ceci.
1 sep à 17 h 57
addicted to pain
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Worth it for first half, likely not for other half.
Simply put, too much term here.
1 sep à 18 h 12
Oui non grille-pain
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For a guy like Parayko, this is what you have to do.
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1 sep à 18 h 35
You know nothing JS
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I love STL cap structure. Well balanced.

With Saad and Buhnevich (steal!), they are looking good for a long time.

If the goalie can be over average, they are still contenders.
OldNYIfan a aimé ceci.
1 sep à 18 h 42
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Quoting: aadoyle

Still though he should fire his agent. Could have got 8mill on open market lul.

I know you're having a laugh about it, but Colt really wants to stay in STL.
1 sep à 19 h 27
Just Keep Swimming
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Yeah this has the possibility of becoming one of the worst contracts in hockey if he doesn't rebound in a massive way. The guy every one on here seems to be thinking of hasn't been around for 2 seasons now and the trend is extremely worrying. This is top pair D money and he hasnt even been this good for a while, let alone when he is 37. I've said it before and I'll say it again, CF massively undervalues term on these deals. I'd stay far, FAR away from this deal because the odds it works out are much lower than acceptable risk dictates.
1 sep à 20 h 01
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A defensemen signing a team friendly deal??? This can't be true
OldNYIfan a aimé ceci.
1 sep à 20 h 28
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Wow. Hope this sets the market for RIelly.
1 sep à 22 h 15
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I voted no.

I hope Parayko's back injuries are in the past, but this looks to be an absolute anchor of a contract. If the Blues are getting 2016-2019 Parayko, this might work out. But this team has made me so pessimistic in regards to injuries that I can't see it happening.
2 sep à 9 h 39
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I'm iffy on the the term and AAV, but if he can produce more offensively than this will be a steal.
2 sep à 10 h 33
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Parayko already showing signs of regression. This could look really bad in a year or two. Just my opinion though, hope he gets it back
2 sep à 12 h 04
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Quoting: OldNYIfan
I'm surprised at the people who say "great AAV but too much term." Why do they think the AAV is that low? Eight years at $6.5 million per year is better than 6 years for $8,666,666, both for player and team

People seem to forget the initial reason for making long term contracts.

This is a great deal for St. Louis (as long as Parayko avoids injury). And it comes a year early!
2 sep à 14 h 35
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Give me this dude at $6.5M over Krug and Faulk all day.
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2 sep à 14 h 43
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Compares very favorably to Trouba. This is an A+ contract, imo.
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