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26 fév 2017 à 18 h 57
A trade between Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings has been confirmed.
Détails de la transaction
Les Kings de Los Angeles font l’acquisition de:
Kings de Los Angeles
Ben Bishop (1 190 000 $ retenus - 20%)
Choix de 5e ronde en 2017 (TBL - #138 - Drake Rymsha)
Les Lightning de Tampa Bay font l’acquisition de:
Lightning de Tampa Bay
Choix de 7e ronde en 2017 (LAK - #196 - Wyatt Kalynuk)
Choix conditionnel de 7e ronde en 2017*

*Conditions: Inconnues

Résultat: Les conditions n'ont pas été respectées.
26 fév 2017 à 19 h 14
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What the heck is the conditional pick?
26 fév 2017 à 20 h 40
Rejoint: fév 2017
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we may not find out for a bit. but who knows maybe they will say tomorrow.
27 fév 2017 à 16 h 52
Rejoint: fév 2016
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Kings said that the conditions are too complicated to list but they do depend on the number of games Bishop plays and how far they go in the playoff if they make it
1 mar 2017 à 8 h 52
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It's almost like Tampa paid LA to take Bishop. The conditional pick must be like a 2nd rounder.
18 mar 2017 à 22 h 04
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Quoting: Hockeyplayer1
It's almost like Tampa paid LA to take Bishop. The conditional pick must be like a 2nd rounder.

If it's anything less than a 2nd TB is foolish. Bishop should have been traded to the Stars for Niemi and their high 2nd. Dallas should have tested him out to see if he could play for them and then resign him if he works out. That'd be worth a high 2nd for them imo. They just need a goalie so bad.
31 mar à 1 h 16
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Win for Dallas and Tampa
9 avr à 18 h 02
Rest In Peace,Matiss
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It seems like a pretty easy win for the lightning after Budaj stepped up for the kings as they lost Quick but Budaj wasn’t the same.
That’s the only bad thing about the trade.

But still, Cernak has promise and Bishop left the kings after a horrible stint there in Free Agency + the 5th round pick guy is in the ahl not making a big impact.

So this is an easy win for the Lightning.
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11 avr à 8 h 44
Seattle fan day 1
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Cernak alone make sure this a great trade for Tampa
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