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Toronto Maple Leafs signed Ondrej Kase (1 Year / $1,250,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Quoting: aadoyle
Starting to get the feeling you don't know much about hockey if you think the leafs dcore was bad.


Was comparable to many top defensive units in the NHL heck finished 7th last season in a division that had Mcdavid and Draisaitl. But keep telling yourself that if it makes yah feel any better

Every leaves fan when you call the what it is.
"you don't know anything about hockey...."
You're worse than Mike Milbury announcing a bruins game.

The D core is bad, and as hard as it is for a part of the team to be worse, that LW sure as hell is.
PS no defense with Holl playing in the 2nd pairing is good. The 3rd pair is awful.
When 2 out of 3 pairs sucks, your defense sucks.
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Let's go Pens!
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Kase deserves another shot to prove his value. He has upside, but he's been plagued by injuries. I hope he plays the entire season this time.
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Hakuna Matata
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Quoting: Devil1122
I thought the Leafs would have signed Ritchie over Kase

Hopefully Kase can stay healthy

why settle for one when you can have both lul
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Dach is Elite
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Quoting: hockeyfanatic05
Ok so hes played 58 games in 2 years and has missed significant time in every single season of his career. So my point still stands

He’s basically Greg Oden but he didn’t go first overall
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Bruins r the
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bruins LEGEND for like 10 games
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the goat Marincin
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Real solid signing for the leafs. Still not a LW though

Nylander can play LW
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