Prayer for Free Agency

28 jui à 8 h 16
Biased Opinion
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It's the most dangerous day of the year. Let us gather and pray.

May your GM keep a level head and keep both term and AAVs reasonable.
May the age curve be acknowledged now and henceforth
May fringe-depth players be signed to contracts that can be buried
May free agents be targeted with the best fit for the team kept in mind, and not based on previous results, nepotism or connections to the front office
May all evaluations reflect a large sample size and not a PDO bender
May locker room cancers be avoided and character prevail
May your franchise correctly identify their status as a rebuilder vs contender
And finally, may all your divisional rivals make all the mistakes identified above

In this our Gord (Miller), we pray
28 jui à 8 h 23
the goat Marincin
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Barbs a aimé ceci.
28 jui à 8 h 24
Barzals skateblade
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Amen. Also Canucks and Oilers fans should do this twice for good luck
Barbs a aimé ceci.
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