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Boston Bruins signed Mike Reilly (3 Years / $3,000,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Quoting: rollie1967
he looked like a completely different player in Boston vs Montreal or Ottawa....but no way would i pay him that much for that long. Do it for another season- then okay, not a flash in the pan, more of a late bloomer.
Karl Alzner 2.0 is now a bruin.

Alzner and Reilly playing style isn't even close but whatever
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So happy they kept him
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Seeing so many misguided comments. Reilly carried Carlo at 5on5 last year. Carlo isn't good at the PK, but gets a pass because he plays defensive 5on5 minutes? Neither Reilly or Grzlcyk has been properly tested at the PK, but there is no reason to believe they'd be worse than Carlo who's proven he's not good at hit.

Reailly had one of the best offensive impacts at 5on5 out of any defensemen this year, and he did so without being a burden defensively. That's really impressive. This is Bostons best signing today by a fair bit.
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good OFD who can play 15-20 minutes not bad for the B's.
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I'm very skeptical. His season last year was well worth this contract, but who knows if that was a one season wonder. High Risk, High reward.
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