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(SJS/NJD) - Jaros for Merkley

Who won the trade?
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Though I like Jaros, SJ wins.
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Merkley wasn't even QO by the Sharks...we know who won the trade
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1. One player was a 1st round pick from 2015 and the other was a 5th round pick in 2015.

2. One player had a somewhat productive season in the NHL while the other player did not.

This isn't fair to the New Jersey Devils.

I voted for the San Jose Sharks smile
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Quoting: Jumbo_Shark19
All of that San Jose and New Jersey trade talk involving Meier must have just been a smoke screen for this blockbuster deal.

You'd think the Sharks would be making a splash this summer. They need a shake-up after last season.
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