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(ARI/PHI) - future considerations for Gostisbehere, 2022 2nd and 7th

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22 juill. 2021 à 18 h 25
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I know Ghost is bad.... but what the f word?
22 juill. 2021 à 21 h 50
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Quoting: MoreOfAnIslesGuy
I still remember when Gostisbehere was going to be a superstar O-defenseman.

Me too. That was only 3 years ago. Seems longer.
rollie1967 a aimé ceci.
22 juill. 2021 à 21 h 55
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This Flyers team has 3-4 very troubling big money contracts still on the books. Maybe a couple of them bounce back next season, but I'm highly dubious.
23 juill. 2021 à 14 h 12
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Gost like fell off needed a new scenery so I'm not surprised, but looking at Arizona if anyone could be developed into something semi good again it would be Arizona. But they got good draft capitol for him too.
23 juill. 2021 à 14 h 36
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Dont see enough Coyotes games the last 2 years, but with Larsson and Chychrun playing left side, it doesnt leave much for Ghost as far as PP time, or icetime in general, not a great fit. Moving Chychrun would be a mistake, and Larssons contract is a nightmare. Suprised Arizona is willing to spend this much to acquire picks and contracts, but more moves wouldnt surprise me.
23 juill. 2021 à 17 h 16
Sensible Commentary
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Quoting: DragonRaptorHybrid
i think my favorite part about this trade was seeing Friedman report the return as a 2022 2nd and the blues' 7th, going to their CF page, and going, "wait, the coyotes don't have the blues' 7th round pick in 2022," before looking at the draft board, finding out that the blues' 2022 7th round pick belonged to the flyers, and realizing what had actually happened.

again, cap space is king in the flat cap world. it's hilarious how desperate GMs are to get out from under contracts they perceive to be bad. (inb4 the coyotes take Loui Eriksson from the canucks for a 1st)

(incidentally, seattle should 100% offer-sheet elias pettersson, but that's not for this thread)
ahahahaha called it
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