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Predicting Montréal’s Expiring Contracts

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What I expect to happen with the contracts of all of the players on expiring deals in the organization.

Tomáš Tatar - Not getting re-signed. It was a great run, but Tatar’s tenure with the habs is over. Whoever signs him will be getting a steal of a deal.
Eric Staal - Probably not getting re-signed. We have Evans, and I’m not sure what Staal’s plans for his future are. If he’s willing to be a 13th forward he could come back for a year at $1 million, but that’s unlikely.
Phillip Danault - Obviously the habs would really like to re-sign him. Considering his playoffs he could get $6+ million on the open market, but in Montréal I’d guess $5.5 to $5.75 million per year for 6 years.
Erik Gustafsson - He’s the weirdest case out of anyone on the habs. He’s atrocious defensively, but he’s kept his lineup spot throughout the playoff run since game 5 of the Toronto series. He hasn’t exactly been racking up the points, but I think that he’s good enough offensively to justify keeping as a 6th or 7th defenseman at $1 million or less for a year.
Joel Armia - I’m sure there’s a lot of mutual interest, although it depends on what Montréal’s cap situation is. If he does return, it’ll have to be at something like $2.75 to $3 million by 3 years.
Jordan Weal - Signed in the KHL.
Jon Merrill - Might be re-signed. He’s been a solid defensive defenseman for the habs. Whether he stays depends on the D carousel for the habs, and whether or not he wants to stay. If he does, it’s probably 1 year at $1 to $1.5 million.
Vasili Demchenko - Signed in the KHL.
Charlie Lindgren - Not getting re-signed. He would’ve been gone a year ago if not for the taxi-squad.
Corey Perry - Assuming Perry wants to return (which all signs point to that he does) he’s definitely getting re-signed. It’ll probably be 1 year at around $1 to $1.5 million (or less if he takes a discount).
Gustav Olofsson - Depends on whether he wants to return. He was 2nd in points percentage for Laval’s D, although the fact that Cory Schueneman and Xavier Ouellet have contracts could make it more likely he goes elsewhere for a greater opportunity. If they don’t re-sign him they’ll need to add a replacement in free agency.
Michael Frolík - Probably not. I don’t think that he’d want to spend most of the season on Laval, and he might end up retiring from the NHL and returning to Europe this year. Although if there were interest from both sides he could return on a league minimum one-way contract. If he’s willing to return, they could also sign him to meet expansion exposure requirements.
Brandon Baddock - Re-signed, 1 year x $750,000 ($175,000 Guaranteed).
Lukas Vejdemo - Re-signed, 1 year x $750,000 ($215,000 Guaranteed).
Laurent Dauphin - Re-signed, 1 year x $750,000 ($215,000 Guaranteed).
Alex Belzile - Re-signing. He’s one of Laval’s best players, and finished 2nd on the team in points percentage*. Useful in both the NHL and AHL. He’ll get a 1 year, 2-way contract at league minimum, with maybe a minors salary raise to around $300K.

Artturi Lehkonen - QO $2.2M (Arb.) - Will get qualified. He’s an interesting case in regards to his contract situation. It might be a smarter financial decision for Lehkonen if he accepts his QO, since I doubt he gets much more on a longer deal, and he’ll have more leverage to get the deal he wants next summer as a UFA. Although attachment to his teammates and city could make a long-term deal more reasonable. I could see him getting around $2.5 million per for anywhere from 1 to 5 years on the term.
Ryan Poehling - QO $874K - Will get qualified. He had a great season for Laval this year, leading the team in points. Assuming he has a good camp, he has a very good chance of making the NHL roster next year. My guess for a contract would be similar to Jake Evans, with the 1st year being 2-way, and the 2nd year being 1-way, with an AAV of $750K. He could easily command $300K+ in minors salary, but he might get less because of his lack of arbitration rights.
Otto Leskinen - QO $874K (Arb.) - Signed in the KHL. There’s a small chance he gets qualified, but probably not. The habs would only keep his rights for 1 year after his KHL contract, and he likely doesn’t have a future in the NHL.
Jesperi Kotkaniemi - QO $874K - Will get qualified. I’m guessing 2 years by around $2.5M per, with Dylan Strome being the high-end comparable, and Jason Dickinson being the comparable on the low-end.
Cale Fleury - QO $750K - Will get qualified. Had a rough season this year because of injuries. He’s waiver eligible next year, but he’ll probably get a 2-way contract for 1 year at league minimum, and probably not much of a raise from his $70K AHL salary because he isn’t arbitration eligible.
Michael Pezzetta - QO $750K - Not getting qualified. If he’s willing to return on an AHL contract, I’m sure the Rocket would love to keep him, since he’s a great energy player for the team. Although he might end up elsewhere if he can get more money in Europe, or if he decides to pursue a different career outside of hockey.
Joseph Blandisi - QO $750K (Arb.) - Will get qualified. He was great for the Rocket this year. 4th in points per game for Laval this year*, behind Poehling, Belzile, and Dauphin. He’s a really good AHLer, and wouldn’t be a bad NHL replacement. He’ll get a 2-way contract at league minimum with a high AHL salary, just like his last contract.
Jacob Lucchini - QO $750K (Arb.) - Not getting qualified. He wasn’t much of a factor for Laval this year, and he’s not a prospect anymore.
Michael McNiven - QO $750K (Arb.) - Will get qualified. He played well for Laval this year. He’ll be Primeau’s backup next year. He’ll get a 2-way contract at league minimum, and likely a bit of a raise from the $75K AHL salary he had last year.

Liam Hawel - Maybe re-signed. He’d be destined for Trois-Rivières, at least to start the season. Laval would probably be willing to bring him back on a 2-way AHL contract, but it depends on what he wants to do with his life.
Nathanael Halbert - Probably not re-signed. He’ll be 26 in the fall and only played 2 games for the Rocket this year. Although he could be a guy for the Lions if there’s mutual interest.
Terrance Amorosa - Re-signed.
Tobie Paquette-Bisson - Re-signed.
Yannick Veilleux - Signed in the DEL.

*Obviously not including Caufield’s 2 games.
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Quoting: Kotkaniemi15
Michael McNiven - QO $750K (Arb.) - Will get qualified. He played well for Laval this year. He’ll be Primeau’s backup next year. He’ll get a 2-way contract at league minimum, and likely a bit of a raise from the $75K AHL salary he had last year.

With the signing of Kevin Bureau-Poulin to a 1-way AHL contract, it’s now a lot less likely that he gets signed. Especially since the habs don’t really have the contract spots to sign a 3rd AHL-level goalie.
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