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Two goalies in the top 12! That's bold.
Can't wait to see where Räty goes, he's such a wildcard. Do you grade him from what you've seen this year solely or do you scratch it off because maybe his mind was elsewhere with the pandemic or whatever and check the rest of his impressive resume? I think he's being sent way too low in the mock drafts board here, I mean he's got the size, the 2 way game and the hands you're looking for in a center.

PS: Mtl already has 247 left defenders in their pipeline, I love Lambos but he's not for us.
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Quoting: ColonelX
Two goalies in the top 12! That's bold.

Yeah, Hawks aren't burning their first on a goalie after drafting the 2nd goalie last year very early in the 2nd round for Drew Commesso who is an A prospect. Additionally, Lankinen proved he's a starting goalie this year, Delia played really well, and they brought in the #1 SHL goalie prospect as well; not to mention Subban is still on the team. Hawks aren't loading up with another goalie based on this.

More accurate would be McTavish, Lambos, Coronato, Lysell as an accurate prediction for the Hawks
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Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it a lot!!

I just believe that Lankinen is going to be a 1 season wonder and I'm going to be honest I didn't know that they drafted a goalie last year haha!
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Your deal is bad
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I think Canes take Stankoven if he is at 26(I think that is where we are locked now). We love undersized high skill wingers, it feels we draft 3 every year
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