Help me make the Ultimate Mock Draft

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Zuke is the goat
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I think the Sens would take Lucius in that scenario. Adding another RW with goal scoring instinct might be the best way to go. And we all know how much they like americans players.
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Guenther will hopefully not go as nr 3, i think around 10.
Colombus will not pick a LW, think they go with Clarke (if they trade Jones) or C. So either Clarke or Mctavish i think they will focus on.
Lysell will probably drop out of top 20... Also think Räty will be picked somewhere around 20.
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SJ will not take a G or so I’ve been informed on here in the past. They will take BPA either D or F.
I have the Sens taking Wallstedt even though they have several G’s.
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First NY Then LA
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If I were picking eighth here, I would choose Clarke or Lysell. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Edvinsson may still be available in that slot.
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