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Its time to add Seattle to ACGM

15 avr à 14 h 12
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For any 2021-22 or later ACGM, can we add Seattle?
Saskleaf a aimé ceci.
15 avr à 15 h 15
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Well they will have to add it sometime, it would be cool if they add it now to do next year but they’ll most likely only add it around the expansion draft
16 avr à 9 h 50
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We'll see what we can do
NHLfan10506 a aimé ceci.
26 avr à 11 h 18
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Modifié 27 avr à 12 h 09
That would be very convenient. We are very w8ing it! smile
26 avr à 14 h 02
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Quoting: HannahDuncan
That would be very convenient. We are very w8ing it smile

Its out now. Has been a few days
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