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(DET/WSH) - Mantha for Pánik, Vrána, 2021 1st, 2022 2nd

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12 avr à 15 h 57
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I was pretty meh on the return when I saw Vrana + Panik, but once I saw there was a 1st and 2nd as well, my jaw hit the floor. Absolutely nuts
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12 avr à 15 h 58
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Quoting: Laniccal
gretzkyghosts a aimé ceci.
12 avr à 15 h 58
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2nd to dump Panik

Vrana and a first for Mantha.

Vrana and Mantha are pretty equal, tip of the hat to Mantha.... the other part is a cap dump.
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12 avr à 15 h 58
Black Lives Matter
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I don't understand this trade for Washington. Detroit wins IMO.
12 avr à 15 h 59
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This trade definitely made up for one of the most underwhelming trade deadlines ever. Good move by the Red Wings IMO.
12 avr à 16 h 05
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Yzerman has just announced himself on the world stage with this trade! DET will be back strong!!!
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12 avr à 16 h 06
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The biggest surprise I've seen during this TDL.
12 avr à 16 h 07
Swedish Caps fan
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*Crying in fetal position*
Very Angry
12 avr à 16 h 08
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Quoting: rangersandislesfan
I don't understand this trade for Washington. Detroit wins IMO.

maybe their goal was Ovechkin + Backstrom + Mantha
12 avr à 16 h 11
Rejoint: avr 2018
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This is a lite version of the Shanahan trade.
Paul Coffey for Brendan Shanahan
Keith Primeau Brian Glynn
1997 1st round pick

Although it looked like an overpayment from Detroit they ended up winning the Cup. Mantha as the big power forward certainly has the biggest upside of any of the players in this trade.
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12 avr à 16 h 11
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I'm a big fan of Mantha, and he does add a slightly different style of play than Vrana, but the difference between them isn't that large. Certainly not a first and a second, even with a small cap dump. Well done Yzerman
Laniccal et gretzkyghosts a aimé ceci.
12 avr à 16 h 11
Rejoint: déc 2018
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Not having to watch Mantha look like he's skating through quicksand every night just makes my day
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12 avr à 16 h 13
Rejoint: mai 2018
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The Caps got a great player but gave away much too much for him. Never would have included Vrana, personally.
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12 avr à 16 h 17
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Am I missing something? Watched a few red wings games and atleast in those Mantha played really badly. Was a defensive liability, looked uninterested etc. I was thinking that guy is going to get his contract bought out in a year or two. How is he worth this now? All off Vranas stats are better and although contract expiring its still RFA. Cant imagine it being much more than Manthas 5.7M/year atleast.
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12 avr à 16 h 18
Rejoint: fév 2021
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Stevie Yzerman is the goat.

Brian MacLellan went from being an architect of a stanley cup winner to a below average ACGM on capfriendly.

He has an account on here and he used it for voting for the Capitals on this trade to make himself feel better.


I voted for the Detroit Red Wings.

No need to explain why.
12 avr à 16 h 22
Caps fan idk why
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Quoting: mondo
I guess it wasn't enough for Yzerman to sweep Washington in the Stanley Cup finals.

HEY! WTF man .... didnt have to bring that up also....this was bad enough
12 avr à 16 h 22
Let's go Pens!
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This is THE WORST TRADE for a team that I've seen in MANY YEARS. Washington gave up their heart and soul for a player which is not even at his best form and he's still a injury prone. Yzerman is a GREAT GM, indeed. But Caps GM being SO STUPID helped him A LOT.
12 avr à 16 h 25
depressed njd fan
Rejoint: jui 2020
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my only guess as to why this trade was made is to make room to sign ovi

but....that still doesn't explain why they traded a first???
12 avr à 16 h 32
Rejoint: oct 2020
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Holy cow, Steve Yzerman is a genius, I’m trading you Suzuki, Romanov, Kk, Caufield, Primeau and all our picks to get his rights so he can be our GM
12 avr à 16 h 47
a Jerk
Rejoint: fév 2018
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Steve Yzerman! Detroit wins!
12 avr à 17 h 00
Rejoint: fév 2016
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Mantha is the better player in this deal and makes WASH a better team right now. Vrana is a good player as well. Panik was a camp dump. I'm only struggling to understand why both a 1st and 2nd got included. Seems like one or the other for a fair deal. Not both.
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12 avr à 17 h 01
Rejoint: jun 2018
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Mantha's contract length gives him extra value. That's the only answer I have for Washington not being crazy
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12 avr à 17 h 30
Watches no games
Rejoint: jui 2017
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Vrana is a really good player, but I have to say Mantha is even better. Detroit gets a bunch of pieces, but I do think Washington walks away with the best player. As interesting it is to see Vrana with more playing time, you can't forget Mantha gets the better teammates where he's going. I think a lot of people saying Detroit won this are going to change their mind as Mantha looks great in with the Caps. I think reality is in between that, as this benefits both teams, and that we saw a good, unexpected hockey trade today.
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12 avr à 17 h 39
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Okay now that is a terrible trade for WSH to make imo. Does Mantha move the needle that much that it justified a 1st plus a solid middle six NHLer in Vrana? Doesn't feel like it to me..
12 avr à 18 h 06
addicted to pain
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Someone call the cops cause the Wings just robbed the Capitals.
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