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26 fév à 10 h 14
Maple Laughs Hater
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Price needs to take a leave of absence and figure his **** out, i’m not saying I think this is his fault but he’s not playing starting goalie caliber
26 fév à 10 h 30
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i agree. he's capable of winning a vezina again, but he needs to clear out his head
26 fév à 10 h 32
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Price has had a weird year this year. He has started slow the past few years and caught on in the second half but when struggling he generally is just average at everything, this year he has one of the best high danger save percentages while having one of the worst save percentages for seemingly stoppable shots. Seen him make saves that he shouldnt have a chance at seem routine this year and then just absolutely wiff on some that should be easy stops, like I said, weird inconsistent play this year.
26 fév à 10 h 49
I post sometimes
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BOYS! boys! new baby... the guy is not sleeping, and when he is... he feels guilty for the wife. He comes home, and the house is on fire with 3 young kids...

When you are away for a week on a trip... you left your wife alone for 7 days with the kids: let me tell, when you are finally back home and the baby starts crying - YOU BET that 10M dollars man needs to wake his ass up to put the little **** to bed.
26 fév à 10 h 52
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it's completely his own fault ... Allen is playing very well.
26 fév à 11 h 37
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100% on Price. Let him take leave of absence. We can put him on LTIR or Non-Roster and build up some cap space. That way we get cap space to acquire some pieces and Price can hopefully figure **** out.
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