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(CHI/COL) - Saad, Gilbert for Zadorov, Lindholm

Who won the trade?
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10 oct 2020 à 19 h 24
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One of the only times I’ve said out loud “What the f*** is that trade?”
10 oct 2020 à 19 h 26
GM GameV4 Arizona GM
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Saad is better than Zadorov, Gilbert better than lindholm clear Avs win
10 oct 2020 à 19 h 30
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Avalanche finally have their 2RW. Great move. Zadorov is gonna get blocked with Byram coming and with the emergence of Graves he was expendable. Especially for a need this great. Not sure why CHI did this? could have kept Maatta....
OldNYIfan a aimé ceci.
10 oct 2020 à 19 h 31
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Garbage for CHI
10 oct 2020 à 21 h 19
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This is a GREAT pick up for Colorado who just got tougher AGAIN up front. Kadri and Saad come on now! This is excellent for them and they got Chicago to retain a little bit of salary on him. As for Chicago this is a good defensive move for them and they get WAY bigger and much tougher on the back end which they need with this WHILE staying younger. Very good trade here but the true benefit goes to Colorado because this is a terrific addition for them as they make a full run for the Cup.
10 oct 2020 à 21 h 22
Retired V2 V3 GM
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Colorado is gonna be deadly next season!! Like jeez what a steal for them.
11 oct 2020 à 0 h 09
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But I thought Saad was the bestest defensive power forward to ever put on skates? That there would be no retention and a 1st plus top prospects (note the s) going to Chicago in any trade? $1M retention for a 3rd pair D seems... Spin it Chicago fans, we'll wait.
TheNorthStar a aimé ceci.
11 oct 2020 à 1 h 24
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Chi wins....Saad is a rental player, sure he is a 20 goal scorer but Zadorov has more years under contract.
11 oct 2020 à 11 h 23
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Quoting: draft_em_sign_em_trade_em
Chi wins....Saad is a rental player, sure he is a 20 goal scorer but Zadorov has more years under contract.

Does he?
11 oct 2020 à 18 h 54
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Captain Toews is now publicly questioning Stan's agenda. I sire would like some clarification from Stan in the coming days, b/c I don't see how any of the moves they've made in recent days have made them a more competitive team for next season and moving forward. Maybe he's making room for Hoffman or Dadonov, but they're still gonna struggle w/o at least an average Goalie. Last season they got far better than league average goaltending and were still mediocre at best.
13 oct 2020 à 10 h 25
We are all equal
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Colorado won this deal and fleeced Bowman
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