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Barabanov, Lehtonen vs Mikeyhev

23 sept. 2020 à 21 h 31
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Just wondering if anyone knows why Barabanov and Lethonen go straight to UFA after their one year ELC and Mikeyhev is an RFA.
24 sept. 2020 à 12 h 37
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I believe it's due to age, you don't become a UFA before either being 26/7 years played.

Without the stoppage, Mikheyev's RFA status would've started in July.
24 sept. 2020 à 22 h 25
Hakuna Matata
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I believe Barbanov will be an RFA but Lehtonen will be a UFA. I believe out of the 2 Lehtonen is gonna be the pure rental while Barbanov could be the keeper.

If Lehtonen plays like he did in the KHL unless he takes a bridge deal he will be out of the leafs price range

Barbanov I believe will be a keeper. I dont expect him to get more than 20 points thus Dubas can sign him for cheap and he can play 3rd/4th line role. If he can adapt to the NHL system man is this guy gonna be a defenseman's worst nightmare as his puck possession skills and elusiveness are dangerous.
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25 sept. 2020 à 8 h 25
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Mikheyev, if he had played more regular season games situation might have been different.

Lehtonen is due to age and likely rental only.
Barabanov is wait and see I feel.
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