2020 Mock Draft

2020 Mock Draft

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Just the first two rounds. After that it's just a lot of nuance.
Gagnants de la loterie:
  1. Blue Jackets de ColumbusBlue Jackets de Columbus (19→1)
1Blue Jackets de Columbus-No matter who gets the first overall pick, they will select this franchise-altering winger.
2Kings de Los Angeles-Although some draft rankings have Stuetzle dethroning Byfield for second overall, the Kings will likely take another center in Byfield.
3Sénateurs d'OttawaSharks de San JoseOttawa has a pretty easy choice to make here. Their pipeline lacks a true future 1C, which I believe Stuetzle could be for them.
4Red Wings de Detroit-The Red Wings, and by association Steve Yzerman, are known for draft surprises (Moritz Seider comes to mind). I think they will surprise again and go off the board with Sanderson at 4.
5Sénateurs d'Ottawa-Not only does Ottawa get their future 1C, they complete their future first line by drafting their future 1RW. Imagine Tkachuk-Stuetzle-Raymond in the future. Killer.
6Ducks d'Anaheim-Anaheim has a strong-ish prospect pool. But they lack a true future option at center. Marco Rossi is the best center available at 6th overall.
7Devils du New Jersey-New Jersey may finally end their streak of selecting centers in the first round and begin building up their defense. Drysdale has fallen a bit, and New Jersey gets a gift.
8Sabres de Buffalo-With Mittelstadt potentially entering bust territory, Buffalo may consider drafting another center to fill that void. Perfetti can also play the wing if Mittelstadt ends up panning out. Buffalo may also move this pick to get a top defenseman. Who knows what their new GM will do.
9Canadiens de Montréal-Montreal is kind of spoiled. They have a Kotkaniemi as their future 1C, they have a really good defensive prospect pool headlined by Alex Romanov, and Cayden Primeau and Michael McNiven are legitimate options in goal for the Canadiens moving forward. Drafting a scoring winger may be the icing on top for a future top-tier team in Montreal.
10Blackhawks de Chicago-Chicago lacks a goalie of the future in the pipeline. Crawford continues to get hurt, Subban isn't a long-term solution, and I'm not sure of Delia's ability to be an NHL starter. Askarov just makes the most sense for a retooling Blackhawks team.
11Devils du New JerseyCoyotes de l'ArizonaA number of teams have Seth Jarvis very high on their draft lists. I too am high on the Winterhawks superstar. After drafting Drysdale at 7, New Jersey could go off the board and grab Jarvis at 11.
12Wild du Minnesota-Minnesota's trend of mediocrity is in large part due to their poor draft luck. They lack a true option at center moving forward, much like many teams picking before them. Lundell has fallen quite a bit but I don't expect him to fall much further if he's available for Minnesota at 12.
13Canucks de Vancouver-Vancouver will likely go with the Swedish winger. They won't be drafting a center for quite a while now that they have Pettersson and Horvat down the middle, and unless they trade down, they won't go too far off the board to draft a defenseman.
14Predators de Nashville-Nashville needs some help at forward. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to trade up to draft Askarov, but in the event that they cannot complete that trade, I could see them taking the versatile winger Dylan Holloway.
15Panthers de la Floride-Jack Quinn is a polarizing prospect. I could see Florida taking Quinn at 15, I could see him going higher or falling a bit. I believe he'll be gone at least by 15th overall.
16Flames de Calgary-Braden Schneider is another candidate for a huge jump up from his ranking. Calgary could use a defenseman to replace some of their aging core (i.e. Giordano and Brodie).
17Rangers de New York-Rodion Amirov has fallen a bit since the October 2019 rankings where he was around 11-13. Amirov is really good, and New York will be lucky to grab him.
18Jets de Winnipeg-Guhle is another defenseman that could rise. Winnipeg needs another defenseman to round out their prospect pool, and Guhle would really wrap up an already fairly deep defensive prospect pool.
19Sénateurs d'OttawaIslanders de New YorkWith this pick, I could honestly see Ottawa trading it away for immediate help. However, this mock draft does not allow me to do that, so I have them rounding out their defensive prospect pool with Justin Barron.
20Hurricanes de la CarolineMaple Leafs de TorontoI could see Carolina going for another winger at 20. They have Necas and Suzuki at center for the future, so to fill that right wing side would be a priority, I believe.
21Rangers de New YorkHurricanes de la CarolineThe Rangers have one of the best prospect pools in the entire league, and it would not surprise me if they took Zary here to be developed into the 2C, should Chytil grow to be the 1C in New York.
22Stars de Dallas-The Stars are going to need to start filling out their prospect pool, as it isn't very deep, especially at forward. Someone is going to need to replace Jamie Benn on the left side down the line, and I believe Mysak, who has fallen a bit in this draft, could be that guy.
23Oilers d'Edmonton-With the likely departure of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins next offseason, the Oilers may move to draft a true center to develop into a 2C, should they decide to keep Draisaitl on the wing.
24Golden Knights de Vegas-I'm personally very high on Helge Grans. Vegas is still such a bizarre success story to me. In this draft, it makes sense for them to draft a defenseman, as their forward pool is pretty deep. Grans, in my opinion, is the best defenseman available at 24.
25Wild du MinnesotaPenguins de PittsburghThe Wild don't have much certainty at center moving forward (Khovanov is currently their best bet), so drafting Lapierre makes some sense here.
26Flyers de Philadelphie-The Flyers may be departing from Gostisbehere sooner rather than later. Drafting Poirier gives them the opportunity to develop a left defenseman into what they believed Gostisbehere would live up to after his phenomenal rookie season.
27Capitals de Washington-The Capitals clearly love Russians. Besides that irrelevent point, they could use another center. Connor McMichael could develop into Backstrom's replacement as the 1C down the line, and Khusnutdinov could become the 2C. And I just want to see Khusnutdinov play in Hershey some day.
28Sharks de San JoseLightning de Tampa BayThe Sharks will take what they can get at 28. I believe Perreault is the best player available here.
29Avalanche du Colorado-Now I'll admit, I am an Avalanche fan, so I kind of stretched some justifications so J.J. Peterka would fall down to 29. But, they kind of make sense, right? Anyways, the Avalanche have plenty of great prospects, but could use some more wingers, which Peterka can play.
30Blues de St-Louis-The Blues will take a winger to replace some of the aging wingers they currently have. Reichel is the best available.
31Ducks d'AnaheimBruins de BostonThe Ducks took a center at 6, and they'll add another forward with Zion Nybeck at 31.
13 juill. 2020 à 23 h 6
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Red Wings are taking Raymond (unless Stutzle or Byfield drop). Their head of euro scouting is based out of Frolunda
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13 juill. 2020 à 23 h 18
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Sanderson won't go ahead of Drysdale...that would be nuts.

Chicago is reported to be scouting Sanderson, Lundell and Quinn the most. Askarov is not happening in Chicago.
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14 juill. 2020 à 1 h 9
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I love this draft. I think there is a legit chance that Yzerman takes Sanderson because of his defensive upside, but who knows, as a devils fan, that may be wishful thinking. Btw I love the picks that the Devils made. Both are players that I feel will make a huge impact on the organization going forward and the explanations you gave for each pick are phenomenal!
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14 juill. 2020 à 3 h 29
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Hope the Sens get Stutzle and Rossi OR Byfield and Raymond.

Wouldn't be disappointed with Drysdale either.
14 juill. 2020 à 9 h 1
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No way is Detroit taking Sanderson at #4 Still praying Stutzle falls to #4 but that's extremely doubtful. Yzerman probably takes either Raymond or Holtz at #4
14 juill. 2020 à 10 h 47
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Ducks are not passing on Drysdale. I dismiss any drafts that don’t have him going there
14 juill. 2020 à 20 h 30
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Peterka would be a good pick for Colorado. I'd select Reichel before him though.
15 juill. 2020 à 11 h 6
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Quoting: HabsFan9
Ducks are not passing on Drysdale. I dismiss any drafts that don’t have him going there

I honestly made a huge, super dumb mistake in this draft. I somehow completely forgot the Ducks have Trevor Zegras. I would just flip Rossi and Drysdale, so Jamie Drysdale goes to Anaheim and Marco Rossi goes to New Jersey.
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I don't dislike your Oilers pick at 23, but your verbal is all wrong: Nugent-Hopkins' departure isn't "likely" and Draisaitl is already a center.
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